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  1. Will Supergrass do one of those SWG3 Galvanizer’s gigs in the summer?
  2. I was thinking that works be the case
  3. Does anyone know if tame impala will do any Scottish gigs this year?
  4. Can’t get over that the courteeners are headlining. The boys voice is going as it is plus their new material is just utter pish. I know people are saying they sold more hydro tickets then foals but they did ha e Gerry supporting them that bight shame a band as talented as foals are subbing. Don’t see them going down well before LG
  5. Strokes on before catfish would be a crime to music
  6. Going by social media it hasn’t went down well. Especially George Ezra
  7. Has anyone heard when the support for foo’s will be announced?
  8. i wonder if they thought they'd shift more tickets last year with glasto being off and R&L being weak. Meaning they've had to cutback this year
  9. I think they will get off with ticket sales for the saturday but other days i can see being poor glad the snuts are on a decent day
  10. do they ever release the survey results? Would be interesting to see how high up the list stormy, ezra and catfish were
  11. My guess Annie Mac on might announce it
  12. Has Ed Sheran been ruled out? Notice he’s doing some festivals next year.
  13. Does anyone know the chances of royal blood supporting foo's?
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