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  1. that'll explain it. cheers. dont fancy being that far offsite.
  2. Where is Bath and West guys? Can't find on the map or am i being stupid?
  3. If it were me one million percent agree to her plan and say it's more than fair. Then Spend June being the best dad and hubby known to man and I guarantee when you're there she'll never ask you to come back for a night. She's testing you pal. And worst case, you're laughing anyway with that amount of time. Don't be tight and pay £45 for a car park ticket.
  4. Been nine times before and never seen a fight. Saw two this year. One in SE Corner and one at the Streets. Both pretty grim.
  5. Guys sorry if this has been answered but is Bicep doing a live set at Gas tower or DJ do we think?
  6. Any recommendations for electrolytes or are the much a muchness?
  7. Cuboid

    TBAs 2019

    No Doves this year confirmed but as expected.
  8. Tipi's for us. largely because no one can make it until Thursday afternoon and we're a large group so impossible to get the space. We've always ended up in Baileys before. Long walk but peaceful and spacious.
  9. Cuboid

    TBAs 2019

    Yeah I’d be pondering their lack of appearance on the line up.
  10. Friday: Not sure - poss Jon Hopkins if someone can convince me its more of the ravey end. If not then possibly Fat Boy or Bicep. Saturday: Chems nailed on (2015 was insane) Sunday: The Streets. largely because of the tent factor and keeping to party alive.
  11. its almost the secrecy as well though this year. we'd usually be clearer about more acts that we know of and their stages by now. I can only guess they're late planning the order this year to accomodate more names. But middle tier ones, not expecting huge names.
  12. Can anyone remember a previous time when we've had so little intel on the two top stages at this point? The rumour page for Other has seven confirmed acts against it. I still think there is a few surprises in the wings. seems strange though?
  13. 1) Blur 2009 (and im not even a massive fan but just perfect) 2) Chems 2015 - so much fun 3) Bowie 2000 - nostalgia 4) Killers - John peel 2004 5) Jamie XX - Park 2015
  14. Yes to a flag, Yes to showers but queues are always big in the day irrespective of time of day but if you've got 30 mins / 45 mins then its a nice to have. Location wise. I''ve always been allocated one but then we come on Thursday.
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