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    Taylor Swift

    There's a lot to like on this album on first listen. A lot of the songs wouldn't sound out of place on Red which we all know is her finest work to date. It's Taylor's Nebraska.
  2. I like Courteeners as well, but I was appalled at Heaton park when a sizeable chunk started a Stephen Yaxley-Lennon chant. Cretins go to gigs is not a new phenomenon though.
  3. This was the set that made me want to go to Glastonbury in the first place. I'm so envious of all you lucky people who were there. Seeing them in Hyde Park was special, and great again in 2015, but this set was amazing to watch even on TV.
  4. reflekting

    BBC Glastonbury

    Anyone at Coldplay 2011 vs 2016 have a preference? I was at the 2011 set and thoroughly enjoyed it, however the 2011 setlist included a lot more of the early stuff than 2016 which made it for me. I do love the visuals from the 2016 set though. I was at LCD Soundsystem in 2016 so have zero regrets.
  5. Exactly this. I think we really need Keir to start expressing policy, not just a case of being better than the other guy.
  6. Any reason why Taylor wouldn't play? Did I miss the speculation.
  7. I love the AM, and have seen them deliver some absolutely quality sets to their own crowds. Earls Court and The O2 have both been fantastic and memorable gigs. Glastonbury 2013 however died on it's arse and I was in the pit area. It really was a fine example of a set that looked better on TV than in person.
  8. reflekting

    BBC Glastonbury

    That does sound fantastic, sadly 2011 was my first year. 2009 continually gets discussed as the pinnacle of the festival. For me I think the toss up is between 2013 and 2017 for the best festival year.
  9. reflekting

    BBC Glastonbury

    The XX 2017 set is really a thing of beauty, I would love them to get the headline gig one of these days. The triple header of Royal Blood, The XX followed by Radiohead is probably still the best night I've ever had at the festival.
  10. reflekting

    BBC Glastonbury

    Just watched REM on the iPlayer, I was far too young to be there so that was a treat and footage I've never seen before. I'd love to see them, but there doesn't seem to be the appetite for a reunion yet.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000kcw6 BBC have just posted the full audio of the set from 2016. Hopefully the video to follow!
  12. reflekting

    BBC Glastonbury

    Thing I loved about that video is that I've been having an amazing time doing stuff that doesn't make it's way to the BBC highlights reel. I just had a really intense flashback to being in the middle of the Chems crowd from last year.
  13. Rankings of useless ministers (top or bottom five) Patel Sharma Jenrick (deserving of a mention for sure) Shapps Raab
  14. Without trying to sound too much like hyperbole, I think the next Radiohead album could be THE stone cold classic. It will be the longest they have ever gone without writing significant new material since they formed. The context and era amongst a pandemic and the political turmoil of Brexit. How can it not be a masterpiece without even hearing a note?!
  15. reflekting

    BBC Glastonbury

    That Elbow set should be emotional. Was my first Glastonbury that year, the sunset during Elbow was the moment I fell in love with the place.
  16. I think the only thing the Tories are trying to avoid is pictures of patients on hospital floors as that is a political weapon that can be used against them. If the NHS has capacity then they will fill it back up solely to restart the economy.
  17. Intended to point to the response from Mike who is an election analyst (not the cheese grater although the wide holes are underrated), but this is great news for Starmer. As soon as people get to see him stack up against Johnson in campaigning I really rate his chances. He certainly seems like the most appealing Lab leader since Blair went in first time around.
  18. I thought it was pretty sketchy myself, they seem a pale imitation of the band that came out around a decade earlier. I remember seeing them at Reading 2011 thinking they were about to become the next biggest thing and they blew me away in the NME tent. Now they just seem to go through the motions and haven't written a great song since their second album.
  19. reflekting

    The 1975 2020

    It's definitely a "fan-service" album and it steals a lot of the good themes from I Like It When You Sleep. Probably a little heavy on the filler, and doesn't quite have an over-arching theme in the same way A Brief Inquiry had. I still quite like it, but it's not their best.
  20. reflekting

    2020 New Music

    George Ezra went away and took a 4 year gap between his albums, The XX 5 years, Vampire Weekend 6 years all have come back to sub the pyramid. If she has two decent sized hits she could definitely step up from her last stage positioning, I'd let her bloody headline myself but I know she's not quite universally considered at that level.
  21. reflekting

    2020 New Music

    The internet is abuzz as Lorde has shared an update re. a new album. No snippets, but I'm excited to hear it, and hopefully see her next year considering I missed her 2016 appearance due to the Radiohead / XX clash,
  22. Think we are more likely to get Gorillaz back based on the output Damon has been focused on there. Certainly due another one with a collective of the Song Machine releases landing every month. I also wouldn't be shocked to see another solo album to follow Everyday Robots in the next year or two either. Also - RIP Tony Allen, that probably means TGTB&TQ set was the last time we'll see that project again, I enjoyed the Glasto set as well.
  23. This is last year's effort so it's a pretty high retention rate. No Sam Fender, Twenty One Pilots or Lumineers next year but otherwise it is almost like-for-like. I can't see Sam Fender not showing up at Glasto after now missing 2 editions!
  24. Not telly related but I really enjoyed the first of James Acaster's new BBC podcast arguing for 2016 being the finest year of music ever. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08b4z3q First episode reviewing Beyonce - Lemonade with Romesh Ranganthan. In fairness James does have a point about 2016, the quality of albums released that year is a high point for the last decade.
  25. The prices of gig tickets was becoming ridiculous over the past 10 years the cost has more or less doubled. If this puts a bit more money back in the pockets of some fans with a reduced demand then that would be a silver lining. Although it is a shame if fans feel they can't safely attend either/afford due to lack of work.
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