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  1. Beady Eye's second album was far better than anything Liam has produced solo. Big fan of this one in particular -
  2. When do we go back to Foals and The 1975 rumours once again?
  3. 1. Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend 2. Sam Fender - Seventeen Going Under 3. Chvrches - Screen Violence 4. Foo Fighters - Medicine at Midnight 5. Kings of Leon - When You See Yourself 6. Jungle - Loving in Stereo 7. Royal Blood - Typhoons 8. Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever 9. Lorde - Solar Power 10. Elbow - Flying Dream 1
  4. Ed Sheeran sounds like Ed Sheeran. Nothing in there for non fans. I've given it my one and only spin. Then over the next 12 months the songs will slowly irritate at every shopping centre, supermarket and clothing store I enter.
  5. Big fan of the new Biffy album, it won't put them back as Pyramid subs anytime soon, but it's got enough their for their core fanbase to enjoy.
  6. Not massively into Ginger Mick. But this particular video is good craic, credit where credit's due -
  7. I thought it was dull and ripped off the worst bits of A Head Full of Dreams. Stick it in the bin with Ghost Stories.
  8. reflekting


    I love the idea of Adele playing random stadiums like Elton, a run of Oakwell, Ewood Park, Ashton Gate, Dean Court?
  9. London Grammar subbed at Rock Werchter in 2018, they were second down on John Peel Sunday the year before if I recall.
  10. 5 nights at Croke Park incoming. Absolutely the most weird music related thing that I found about Ireland since moving here.
  11. reflekting


    I tried Solar Power again yesterday, I liked it a little more coming back to it after a break. 6.5/10
  12. Found this documentary from last year to see how much has changed. I'll be honest it still feels like a horrible dream.
  13. IOW headliners are scraping the barrel these days. How are Kasabian back as headliners without a proper lead singer?
  14. Even Ireland are opening up soon. 60% indoor capacity at gigs and 75% outdoor from next week. Then all restrictions likely to be going on 22nd Oct. They have been super cautious here, but the vaccine uptake is around 6% higher in the population vs the UK. They are saying 90% of 16+ fully jabbed is the most they can expect and then life has to resume.
  15. Jungle's new album is a major return to form, I absolutely love it. After a couple of listens possibly an AOTY contender.
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