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  1. Looks better on TV vs. being there in person where the atmosphere died after the first few songs. I love the Arctics but they don't tend to hit the mark unless seeing them at one of their indoor gigs.
  2. We can't afford a war. No chance. You don't f*** with the Chinese at all. And actually they don't like going to war with anyone except their neighbours.
  3. All Points East binned now, shame as I was looking forward to the Tame Impala day. No surprises of course.
  4. If you've got any hills near you then those are a great way to improve your pacing/cadence by running downhill. Then try and translate this across to the flats.
  5. That's actually a really good pace / cadence. If you can get the cadence up to 180 then you'll be rocking and under sub 23/4 in no time.
  6. reflekting

    The poster 2020

    Was it really only 12 days ago we got the poster in all it's goodness.
  7. reflekting

    Home work out

    Nike Training Club app has some good free workouts on there, cardio, yoga and weight work.
  8. This is an absolute travesty. They need to stagger hours for employees to reduce the peak as that right there is asking for trouble.
  9. Always worth a look in with these kind of lists. A stone cold classic.
  10. Tough day all things considered. First day working from home already feels like this is going to be difficult to last the duration. I should be glad as I have a very secure job that allows me the chance to carry on, but the glasto news has really knocked me for six. It feels like there is really nothing to look forward to now until life resumes back to normal. Hopefully you guys are finding some positive thoughts amongst the sadness.
  11. Some of the new stuff that is gonna come out after this crisis is gonna be amazing as well. Think of all the hours of songwriting that can be done in isolation.
  12. Gym classes at my local are still booked full. No news of closures and business as usual. I won't be going but seems people aren't taking the situation too seriously when they've forked out £60+ for a monthly membership and they will have their fill!
  13. Who do we think the act at the NME awards that they managed to book was? Not youngblud based on the first poster as many suspected.
  14. But Labour have also said they are following the science, so presumably would have come to the same conclusion. Appreciate there is a point to be made about austerity and the NHS but that wouldn't have been fixed by Corbyn since November, and probably not even since 2017.
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