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  1. reflekting

    2023 Headliners

    Beyonce deserves another run at the headline gig if we are talking returning headliners.
  2. Those are my two favourite albums. SIAS is absolutely wonderful, a glorious 40 minutes to appreciate start to finish.
  3. reflekting

    Sam Fender

    Apparently he cancelled Rock Werchter and St Gallen. Hes pretty bloody unreliable this lad.
  4. That box office queue was a shambles, probably the worst thing I experienced all festival. Didn't face many of the same issues other people did with crowds thankfully and a great weekend all in.
  5. Libertines were pretty poor, but I always think the opening slot is a bit cursed. Crowd need a bit more coffee or booze in them to get going at that time of day.
  6. We are all interrupting his set to sing Happy Birthday next week right?
  7. I also got moved to Box Office collection, indeed a bit of a relief. I arrive in the late morning, so should be a bit calmer at that stage I hope!
  8. It would be good to get certainty either way. One or two tickets being sent now but not the whole batch is really not making this a relaxing run up to the festival.
  9. Still no sign of my ticket coming to Dublin.
  10. Amazon can manage two day delivery from the UK, it's not impossible. But if AnPost decide to get involved, then our tickets are inevitably getting stuck in Dublin Port.
  11. I am in Dublin and still no sign of a secure postage note. Seetickets better up their game and use DHL or FedEx otherwise the clock will run down.
  12. reflekting

    Sam Fender

    So I think that makes it the 4th time I've had tickets to see him and he hasn't shown up. Really poor form.
  13. 2015 was an awful year with a very boring lineup.
  14. Their legacy is getting crapped all over now. Are they actually just a parody?
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