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  1. 100%. Stinks of shock doctrine politics.
  2. SwedgeAntilles


    And you can help in rounding up others to toil in her underground sugar caves.
  3. This feels incredibly accurate.
  4. 6/10 for me. GKMC being a glaring omission in my collection.
  5. SwedgeAntilles


    I used to work with a guy who had been avoiding watching the Kerrang! TV channel as he'd misread it as Kerrangi and presumed it was an Indian/Bollywood type channel.
  6. Not a great deal necessarily as it definitely doesn't come cheap but I splurged on the Let It Be deluxe edition. Making my way through the vinyl this afternoon and have absolutely no regrets. It's fantastic. Hardbook that came with it is terrific too.
  7. Wait. The opening track is TWENTY MINUTES LONG
  8. Got this on now. Decent 👍
  9. 44/200 for me (physical copies)
  10. We used to be forum friends
  11. Confirmed now thats he's died. Truly horrible stuff.
  12. What are you basing this on? Checking recent polling the Tories and other right-wing parties (i.e. UKIP and Reform) are still under 50% combined (40+3+4). Whereas progressive parties (not necessarily left-wing, but certainly all considerably to the left of the current Tory govenment; Labour, LDs, Greens, SNP and PC) are on 53% - https://www.politico.eu/europe-poll-of-polls/united-kingdom/ Add to that that 66% of people think that the NHS should be funded by the government based on taxation, and 70% believe it's the sector that the gov should spend more money on (dwarfing the likes of Defence, Crime and Policing and Pensions. 62% of people support (or strongly support) the nationalisation of the railways. The majority of Brits want a progressive goverment. That's what Starmer SHOULD have been doing, but he hasn't. He's gone to war with the left of the party on some terrible advice of those around him. He isn't connecting with the electorate and he isn't building coalitions with the other prgoressive parties. I'm not a Corbynite. Did I like him? Yes. Did I vote for him? No. I'm not sure why Starmer supporters keep bringing him up. It's time to move on and deal with the situation facing you today. Thinking that all Starmer critics are just scorned Corbynistas may help you ignore the obvious regarding his successor but ultimately it's futile if your aim is, as you say, to get rid of the Tories.
  13. SwedgeAntilles


    She didn't disappear off the earth, she was busy misappropriating Jamaican culture.
  14. If he's not going to win the next GE then it's the discussion that needs to be had. No matter how uncomfortable it is.
  15. Burnham is the obvious choice, but given there's the potential banana skin around his not-being-an-MP status I'd also suggest; John McDonnell Angela Rayner Yvette Cooper If you want a rank outsider, who probably wouldn't go for it anyway, but I also think Stella Creasy has great potential.
  16. SwedgeAntilles


    Big fan of the Arctic Monkeys being labelled derivative while Adele churns out another warbling balled and is celebrated
  17. I'll quite happily concede that I'm giving Starmer a hard time at the moment, certainly compared to Johnson. But that's because I genuinely care about the Labour Party and want them to do well. I hate this incarnation of the Tory party, it's the lowest I've ever seen them go, but I don't know what else I can say about that. Whereas with Starmer/Labour, I see a guy who I was happy to get elected to leader, perform so miserably. He's never going to be PM, so therefore he needs to go, sooner the better.
  18. It's not out until November 25th (then on 26th & 27th), but I will be binging on this. As a huge Beatles mark I'm an emotional wreck after watching a 4 trailer, going to be broken after six hours.
  19. Nah, it's working fine, on both mobile and laptop
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