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  1. Just reading there's a TBC line-up for the Thursday too. Given all the other headliners are coming from Primavera in Barcelona I presume the final one will too. Either Beck or Nick Cave seems the most likely option.
  2. Buzzing for this. Two days before The National gig that's been reschuled from 2020. They've also added a date headlined by Tyler for the Saturday.
  3. So, even in your hypothetical imaginings she's still 6th on the shortlist. Tbh, if any of that was the case, I still think the festival would look elsewhere before rebooking her again so soon. I'm pretty sure you've championed this yourself at one point actually, but I'd consider Dua Lipa getting a bump up more likely than Adele returning. Agree completely that she will be back eventually, but both Adele and the festival will have the good sense to wait until its almost as big an event as the first booking was, and that ain't in 2022, my dude.
  4. Given the other potential options this year there's no chance the festival would go back to the Adele-well so soon. She might well be back in the frame when she releases album 33 1/3.
  5. Don't doubt @eFestivals sources or his confidence in them. After all we're all able to remember the occasional clanger which shows how seldom they are incorrect compared to the majority which turn out to be spot on. Having said that, the twin news of the Kenny omission from that Friday announcement and the, seemingly imminent, announcement of Springsteen for Mad Cool has given me a bit of a wobble. It suddenly occurred to me this morning that the festival made specific reference to Billie's age in the official announcement. Maybe a way to offset the fact they'd booked two old codgers for the other days? Head says we'll still end up with Billie/Macca/Kenny but can't shake the feeling there's a swerve around the corner.
  6. This is a great shout actually, not unlike Ryan Adam's Demolition album which was a similar put together effort. Also agree with CalGon that, at least on first listen, it's preferable to Chemtrails
  7. Not sure if I can handle the stress of Macca being the final one to be announced.
  8. Just finished the first listen. The more "traditional" PC tracks make it accessible, but the Talking Heads-esque stuff is likely what will keep me coming back for more. Big thumbs up.
  9. Almost as popular as Hitler was circa 1933
  10. Trans Nutjobs new album drops tomorrow I think
  11. I also agree that we can't blame Brit Pop, aside from Menswear who I'm pretty sure cursed us all with their existence.
  12. Aye, same. Watched it over the weekend. Thought it ramped up nicely.
  13. Phoebe for Park headliner on Friday pls 🙏
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