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  1. We're staying in Tangerine Fields this year. Did WV for a few years but recently made the switch to TF because it avoids another stressful 'ticket day'. Most of my group are big fans of TF, I think it's just okay. Some pros and cons vs WV; Better ratio of shower and toilet facilities at TF, never waited more than a minute or two for a shower and usually walk right in. Much of this down to the showers being available 24 hours and not at certain times like at WV No Hill of Death to climb to get to TF however it is still a good walk away from The Pyramid/Williams Green, probably about the same time/distance as from the bell tents at WV. Walk's not as interesting either (i.e. no Strummerville pit stop) Food options are marginally better at WV (although in both cases you're often better waiting until you're in 'the festival' They're at opposite end of the festival so, depending on what you tend to like to see in the mornings/early afternoon it can limit how much you see of those first few bands (I tend to like the stuff that's on early at The Park so WV is ideal for that, TF not so much). Both sites involve you 'leaving the festival' however for me it feels more real with TF. As WV is still part of the fest site its just a case of an extra wristband and potentially a random search each time. For TF you actually need to show your ticket upon re-entry every time (and also potential random search), which again isn't ideal.
  2. Chris Martin and Bob Dylan supergroup performing 'A Rush of Blood on the Tracks'
  3. If they festival tried and weren't able to book the Mac or the Macca I can see how their train of thought could lead them asking The Stones back. Six years is enough of a gap, there's plenty folk (like me) who missed them in 2013. If the Eavii really want a huge act for the anniversary they'd be ideal.
  4. Glastonbury only visit for me. Fly to Bristol via Amsterdam on Wednesday morning (due into Bristol around 1pm), then flying the same route back at around 1pm on the Monday. At my age I want to make sure I'm back in my own bed on Monday night
  5. Still feels wide open to me. Unless I've missed something (and that could well be the case given I've not been on here that much) the acts that are looking likely this year (ie Swifty/Mac) are looking like that because the dates fit, as opposed to there being info/rumours that they're signed up. Not to say that those two won't end up being two of the three but it certainly feels there's more uncertainty surrounding the headliners at this point than there has been in previous years.
  6. It largely depends on Brian May
  7. Guaranteed tickets for vegans gets my vote
  8. Elton John Thom Yorke King Gizz Foals Wolf Alice Bon Iver The Beths Pulp Angel Olsen Let's Eat Grandma
  9. Me. Safari browser, single tab on a Mac, just kept refreshing on the holding page and got in around 09:15
  10. Had to go out for a run there to try and clear my head, hasn't properly sunk in yet. Was pretty shit last year, didn't get in on the main sale and by the time the resale rolled around I knew that real life responsibilities meant I wouldn't even be trying. Fast forward one year and not only do I get a ticket it's me that gets in and gets them for our group. First time in all the years I've been going/trying that I've got that far. Similar story to others in that it's bittersweet. We had a crowd of 20 and only two groups got in, me and @Rubber Soldier are sorted but we have four mates that weren't so lucky (including one that's been every year since 2011 so particularly shit for him). Still, four is the magic number for the resale so fingers crossed we'll get the rest sorted then. Is it too early on a Sunday to have a beer?
  11. Unacceptable thread, but I'm so happy right now I'll allow it ?
  12. Mind how difficult it is to get in though. Do you really want to be in a position that one of your ten get in and only grab tickets for four of you, effectively wasting the opportunity to 2 more of your crowd to go? Surely if you make a WhatsApp or Messenger group and keep each other updated in real time you can avoid this unlikely situation and also make sure at least 6 of you get to go?
  13. I'm from Scotland but moved to Sweden last year (actually it's one year to the day that we moved into our apartment here!). Didn't get tickets last year and decided not to try in the re-sale so I'm desperate to have some luck on Sunday. Prior to that I've been in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Should be pretty easy for me to get there and back (you can fly directly from Stockholm to Bristol on Easy Jet by the looks of it), will be booking flights on Sunday should things go well.
  14. Surely Swifty is headliner material because, y'know, she's already booked to headline a shit load of festivals.
  15. Badger Beef have a stall at Williams Green this year
  16. Ban anyone called Jennifer from registering?
  17. On the holding page for the full 20 odd minutes with no hint of breaking through. Brutal. We go again on Sunday
  18. Back in gold as of today bro! ?
  19. No Macca or Blur, no (Swedge one-man) party
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