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  1. On 10/29/2021 at 11:32 PM, efcfanwirral said:

    I personally don't care about the climate stuff as I'm never having kids, but our lives are going to change a lot, whether we agree with it or not. 

    Mattiloy already covered everything else I'd want to say in response to this, but I'll just add that this is one of the most naive things I've ever read on this site.

  2. 5 minutes ago, JoeyT said:

    Would her fan base really be that irked by her playing a single UK date? She could feasibly do something for a chunk of her fan base as a fairly last minute warm up gig for instance.

    I like you would like to think she looks at Glastonbury perhaps above any other festivals. I think the ethos both of the festival itself and Emily's proactive nature to ensuring females have an equal platform / representation on the lineup is likely to resonate.

    I don't see how re-recording her back catalogue has an impact on her ability to play live dates as others have mentioned though?


    Aye. They're all fucking bonkers. 

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  3. 49 minutes ago, kingcrawler said:

    I was going to suggest Gorillaz for the remaining day but yeah, one of the other Primavera headliners definitely makes sense. Looks like a very good few days anyway.

    They're playing their second Prima date on the 9th. Could also be Tame Impala but would mean them coming back and forth between Barcelona and Stockholm. Not out of the question but makes them less likely I think.

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