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  1. Razza_bezza


    Nice one I’ll keep an eye out for it
  2. Razza_bezza


    Is the pimms bar still about up in Williams green way? Haven’t been there for a while but had a belter day there a few years back! With this weather I think a pimms would go down a treat
  3. Agree jeans are a big no no if you ask me, shorts are the only thing to wear and if you need long trousers take waterproof trousers carry them in your bag just in case 👍🏻
  4. Wednesday and Thursday are the main for good weather for me the rest I’ll be engaged in music but like to be able to chill on the Wednesday and Thursday
  5. Razza_bezza

    TBAs 2019

    The most bizarre headliner ever
  6. Snowflake level wouldve peaked if heat caused a festival to be cancelled
  7. Absolutely no chance they would pull the plug cause it’s too hot 🤣🤣 I heard they contemplated building a igloo over the whole of the site to keep everyone cool and counteract the heat exhaustion, not sure if that’s true though 🤔
  8. Hope so I’m heading up Tuesday eve
  9. Razza_bezza

    TBAs 2019

    Cool man thanks
  10. Razza_bezza

    TBAs 2019

    Which set the early morning or evening tba?
  11. All I could imagine was him in his gruff Scottish accent going CherMOByl
  12. I went... never again it was horrendous!! The vip camping was washed out after the Friday and a lot of the people camping in that area left, was really poorly dealt with. But the Sunday was boiling still put me off never to return, done benicassim last year to get some guaranteed sunshine
  13. Amazons bloc party tom doves stereophonics/Kelly acoustic set but the line line up is still heavily packed for me so well happy with it
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