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  1. I wasn’t a fan before that set, but they blew me away, as soon as I got the opportunity I bought tickets to see them again, love them now 😊
  2. I’m the opposite absolutely love it back to their best if they subbed I’d be there in a heart beat
  3. Foals announced late to bbc radio big weekend maybe they’ve done the same with glasto hence not being on the initial poster, they could sub imo
  4. I sort of remember Lorde getting dark come the end of the set, the xx set is one of my all time favourites I think they got the time slot perfect for them, to be fair they know what they’re doing they’ve been doing it long enough so what do I know (it would be epic in the dark though)
  5. Surely Billie Eilish will be in the dark!?! Her set won’t stand well in the daylight imo, everything about her coachella set was emphasised by it being in the dark, that would make her other sub or headliner nothing else though!?
  6. Glade announcement tomorrow? Strange to mention follow Friday on Twitter otherwise 🤔
  7. Razza_bezza


    That was with beady eye who to me it seemed he went through the motions, and was more interested in getting the clothing brand out there! doing his solo stuff it feels like he really does believe in it and enjoys it, chuck in the oasis tracks the sets really are brilliant, can’t beat a good singalong with a sunset, looking forward to it
  8. Razza_bezza

    2019 Map

    I prefer to camp slightly further out then right amongst it and bushy seems the perfect distance imo, short walk of 5 mins and your right in the gully area heading either towards the other or take a left to the jp
  9. Razza_bezza

    2019 Map

    I camp bushy every year doesn’t fill up overly quick and fairly easy access to silver Hayes on through to other, wouldn’t camp anywhere else
  10. Razza_bezza

    2019 Map

    Block 9 doubled in size!
  11. Razza_bezza

    2019 Map

    The pier just off the park
  12. Razza_bezza

    Billie Eilish

    Her coachella set was brilliant will defo be watching her on the farm
  13. AJ Tracy, Fredo, Campelphat, Sofi Tukker, Easy Life, Sub Focus & Hardy Caprio thats a very good start to the smaller stage drops 👏🏻
  14. Nothing is accurate this far out in fact a week or 2 is still pushing it, I obsess over the weather every year for glasto and one of the best to keep tabs of is https://twitter.com/GavinPartridge he keeps the outlook pretty simple and also does a lot of work as far out as possible to predict what we’re possibly in for
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