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  1. Used one for years (complete with built in pillows) and has served us well, only issue being combined body heat when the sun (sometimes) appears in the morning!
  2. Glastobuddy

    Ticket refund

    Been there, done that and got the undercrackers!
  3. Paid £450 a ticket in 2016 after missing out on resale to a friend in the music industry who had 4 through his agency - 2 of which became spare. I gave them to a my sister and a mate as the wife and I managed to get a pair of standard tickets from "lookalikes" (in the loosest sense of the term) for face value which we managed to eventually get in with. Hospitality has some perks with access to certain areas and cut throughs but TBH, it's not worth double bubble - unless you're desperate......like we were!
  4. Monies paid, cannie wait!
  5. 6 of us paying Monday and counting down the days!
  6. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/glastonbury-festival-2019-new-details-2680557
  7. I'd prefer Sunday too TBH, even though that means i'll be a total wreck Monday morning! They were one of my highlights in 2015!
  8. Defo not the Friday i'm afraid as they're playing Eden Sessions
  9. Talk was headlining Saturday on the Other
  10. God bless Glasto, the Poster and Neil & his Heinz/HP's!
  11. Awful news - a massive part of my childhood RIP
  12. We're still using the tent my neighbours left in Dairy on the Sunday night in 2014, bagged it up when they shot off and it's now on to its 7th Festival. Due an upgrade soon so may go scavenging on the Monday morning, reckon I've had half a dozen decent camping chairs on my way out over the years too!
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