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  1. I think it’s a private company. Not aware of any link to charity.
  2. Loved working with Festaff... BUT It was 26 hours this year not 24. Additionally you have to attend a staff meeting on the Monday and do training on the Tuesday. I would say it adds to about 30 hours altogether, plus a few hours queuing up for shifts.. plus you have to pay 250 quid up front, which you don’t get back until you have completed another sister festival with them. Still loved it but slightly more involved than just 3 x 8 hour shifts.
  3. There is a LOT of rain forecast in the next ten days. But hopefully something drier after mid month? 🙏
  4. Hello. Yes I won't have crew access till Monday afternoon. I want to get a taxi from Ashcombe farm to Gate B on the Monday morning before the festival. Sounds like it MAY be possible.
  5. Hello again. Asking a slightly revised version of this. Will I be able to get a taxi from Ashcombe Farm, ( near Gate D) on Monday to take all my stuff to crew camping near Gate B? Just on the Monday? Because of course I won't be able to walk through the site on that day. I am not sure what traffic restrictions are in place before the festival starts? Thanks again!
  6. Hello. Thats a really, really kind offer. We will manage though, I think. The person with the CV also has a worker's ticket. We will have to set up camp in our van off site near Gate D then lug our crew campsite stuff to Gate B and camp there. We will honestly be ok... just was looking for a short cut! Thank you!
  7. Because I'm old and have a lot of joint pain! I will have to use crew camping some of the time, though.
  8. Ah yes, thank you. We don't have festival tickets, so that's not an option. I will just have to walk it. It'll be hard on the Monday with all the tent stuff (for the crew camp) but not too bad the other times.
  9. Because we aren't allowed to bring the campervan to the crew camping.
  10. Hello. Just to clarify. I'll be needed at Gate B for 5 am on the Wednesday. I will have a tent near there with basics in it, but my partner is camping just outside Gate D in the campervan and he will be all set up there from the Tuesday. I have a really bad hip at the moment, so just exploring options. I could just sleep near Gate B but oh lordy... that campervan bed is a million times more comfy when you have been on your feet all day. I actually have trouble getting up from a mattress in the ground, let alone going to the loo in the night etc. My joints are dreadful when I'm camping - I mean hips and knees! I will be going anyway, even if I have to sleep in crew camping. Just trying to work out the quickest way between the gates. Half hour walk is no problem so that's probably the best bet!
  11. Interested to hear more about the crew land train... Thank you!
  12. Ok, thank you. I wasn't joking, it's a genuine question. Hopefully we might be lucky enough to pick up a lift. We will need to be at Gate B to start our shifts and as I said, camping right over the other side.
  13. Thanks for the input, but I am asking a question about a taxi. Anyone know the answer?
  14. Hello. Going to be camping just outside Gate D and working at Gate B. Is it it possible to get taxis between the 2 before and after my shifts? Looks like a long trek.
  15. Hilarious! Actually made me hoot!
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