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  1. Slovakia vs Ireland in 16 days now announced to be played behind closed doors
  2. Never thought I would be saying this six months ago, but I miss the Brexit dominated news days
  3. Cause the country and world is too occupied with COVID 19, there needs to be another election later in the year. Micheal Martin doing his upmost to force a FF/FG marriage together. The cancellations of the parades here in Dublin, Cork, Waterford etc have been pretty big news here as you can imagine. Where oh where will the yanky doodles wave their miniature tri-colours now
  4. finally, sense prevails
  5. I was only 7/8 years old, it has certainly deflected the urgency in getting the Dail in order, anyone have the latest on Coachella?
  6. and will continue to be so, unless the government insist that every pub in county is closed, which will not happen €
  7. Think I had read it in here, couldn't say for certain, still going to stick with March 25th for now
  8. So it must be at least months and months prior then for some, didn't you get info on Noel quite a while back? well we know Wolf Alice and possibly Editors/Supergrass have been booked for months - if Emily sticks to saying it'll be a little earlier than last year which I believe she was quoted on, which could very well mean before the week is out...
  9. I really don't think Emily and below team have their heads in the sand that much, they see how much delight it brings people on ticket day, and of course during the festival. Pure adulation
  10. OK send the money back sure, but what would stop them offering 2020 deposit bookers a first shot at 2021?
  11. if you had to take a punt, when would they have informed artists/booking agents that they would be announcing let's say, March/April announcement? 3 months? 3 days? I have no idea on this to be fair, in relation to Glastonbury
  12. I was genuinely thinking of coming to the meet up with a jj200 name badge, but can ye be arsed
  13. CJTM

    Other Stage 2020

    Jermaine Jenas
  14. CJTM

    Other Stage 2020

    I am pretty shite at betting, terrible luck but my money would be on @dentalplan... and maybe for some reason @Gnomicide
  15. /Supergrass? No info, just a gues
  16. But for now, back to tour announcements and upcoming gigs 🙂
  17. @Hugh Jass the North play Bosnia and we play Slovakia, if we both win we would meet a few days later for winner takes all spot at the Euros up at their place. Won't bring the obvious into it but, I would be sick as a corona stricken dog if the North win the play offs and meaning they played their Euro group games in Dublin. Wouldn't be using my tickets then anyway! 😅 Will make for a great occasion in Belfast should we both win our games tho... COYBIG
  18. I have tickets for winner of our play offs vs Sweden in Dublin, absolutely praying we make it this month (we won't)
  19. Christ, corporate? wasn't even that much the weekend at Wembley (still gutted)
  20. In the event of this shocking situation of the festival being cancelled, would you rather see what we had booked this year, or leave it unknown/unannounced? (this is a question to the whole of the eFest community that are Glastonbury 2020 ticket holders)
  21. Don't know if this was posted previously, but Italy confirmed death count now at 148, up from 107 reportes yesterday. https://www.rte.ie/news/coronavirus/2020/0305/1120330-coronavirus-updates/
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