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  1. My Dad sent me this message an hour ago, he's either typing from a parallel universe or he's rediscovered drugs
  2. Scroll up one comment, my friend
  3. Two Door Cinema Club are 'SR' for the Other Stage now. They're headlining some festivals this year, would that be a top slot?
  4. I'm 3 weeks clean for the first time - I'd never even thought about giving up, and I just woke up one day with no cravings at all after smoking 12 years. My last cigarette was disgusting even. So I took the chance to quit, and I guess I'm an ex-smoker now. Slightly concerned because I don't think "waking up and not being addicted any more" is actually a thing, but I'm not thinking about it too much. And it has been handy to have a vape (with no nicotine) on hand for those times I'd be lighting up usually.
  5. The Chili Peppers pulled out last minute, Glasto were lucky to get Lenny Kravitz to fill the slot, Michael Eavis swore the Red Hot Chili Peppers would never play Glastonbury. Apparently they pulled out because of Flea's chronic fatigue syndrome, but I have to imagine that was a cover for Anthony's chronic heroin misadventures.
  6. Incidentally the Chili Peppers have never played.
  7. My first Glasto was in '05 and I'd been hoping for Macca or Bowie ever since.
  8. Would have been late 80's. That's all I've got.
  9. Nothing that I remember. I think he said he was friends with a band and got to meet Jarvis a few times because of it. Maybe he was a roadie? For all I know he's just full of shit, lol.
  10. My Dad grew up in the area in the 80s, he's told me stories of meeting him here and there. He said Jarvis went home with a (female) friend of his, whose sofa my Dad was sleeping on that night. Poor bloke. Friends don't believe me anyway, it's just one of those stories.
  11. The Undertones opening the Pyramid in 2005. Some girl was screaming "PLAY TEENAGE KICKS!!!" the whole time.
  12. The Cure have headlined Glastonbury at least 3 times already, according to Wikipedia, even if it's been a long time. Macca headlined 2004.
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