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  1. Stop being a brat, the only fair thing is to give us our deposits back and then to try again for next year, the same as everyone else.
  2. I doubt that they are either. You don't have to come into this thread to read the comments.
  3. No, but he's presenting the facts in a very deliberate way. Yes, obviously there is more social media now than 20 years ago. Mortality rate for < 50s - that's a shit argument that I hate, because it's very much the 'I'm all right Jack' attitude. Global mortality rate outside China is 1.55% - that's still a hell of a lot. 80,000 of 89,000 infections are in China - what's the relevance of that? They've quarantined whole cities and it's that much and infection rate is only going up in the West. I'm not saying that we should all panic, but I am saying that there is something to be deeply concerned about. 'An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure' is an expression for a reason.
  4. Oh, I'm sure the head of e-commerce at flydubai has no vested interests...
  5. Go to a convent, there are a few that have taken up a similar but slightly different habit there.
  6. I'm willing to bet that by June we'll be well into the hundreds of thousands.
  7. Don't people think an announcement could be pushed back with all this corona malarkey? Give them a chance to solidify plans.
  8. Which years were those? We went one year and had an amazing time, second time was pretty fun but the third year was, like you said, just not as good.
  9. wonker

    2020 headliners

    Nope, just dancers on this tour, but I can see her getting a backing band setup.
  10. wonker

    2020 headliners

    I went to see Lizzo in Brixton last night and she was amazing. I don't think she's quite ready for the Pyramid yet, but I think with another album she could be up there.
  11. wonker


    I have never been to a gig like it and have been to a lot in my time. Amazing atmosphere, I loved it! With another album I can definitely see her headlining on the pyramid stage.
  12. wonker


    Wow, that gig was incredible. She has some stage presence...
  13. Does he come and give you a nice back rub?
  14. wonker

    2020 headliners

    I don't get the whole Taylor Swift love - am I missing something? Are there particular songs I should listen to which might help me to 'see the light'? Or is it just a zeitgeist thing that I missed out on?
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