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  1. 1. Beautiful Days 2. Bearded Theory 3. Cropredy
  2. Yeah, treat yourself to a night in Bristol and fly home on the Tuesday. It takes all the pressure off - no fear of missing your Monday flight due to traffic. I missed a Monday Belfast flight from Heathrow one year due to gridlock - extortionately expensive! So now I always drive (hire car) back to London to drop off me festival buddy, stay a night somewhere and fly on Tuesday at a civilised hour. Also means you can make best use of the full Sunday night on the farm and can leave the site late afternoon Monday to avoid the jams. All very stress-free. Just beware the tat monsters on Monday afternoon (don't leave your tent unattended!)...
  3. Hi John. I always fly BA Belfast City Airport to Heathrow, meet a London-based mate and hire a car at Heathrow, driving through Tuesday night to be in the queue for gates opening Weds morning. We do a food/cider shop in a 24hr Tesco in Basingstoke on the way past. Works well. I never have a problem carrying everything by rucksack and staying under the airline 23kg luggage limit (including chair, bed, tent, clothes etc etc). It’s all down to realistic packing for a week. It’s a pain having to stop to buy any camping gear – just live within your 23kg and you can pick up camping essentials onsite! The food/beer is the issue and the hire car makes a shop doable, but t’would be expensive if you’re travelling alone to Bristol. If you’re not planning to bring your own food & beverages, just fly to Bristol (presumably Belfast Intl with Easyjet?) and train/coach directly to the farm. Have a good one!
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