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  1. @eFestivals heard anything about a full lineup today?
  2. 10 days or so could be the full lineup though
  3. Oooo what's this quote from? The app usually doesn't come out until early June so that'd be swell
  4. Bovla


    The stuff on top and the supports going back are new aren't they? Looks like screens to me
  5. Bovla


    Looks like a similar structure to the one that supports the screens at West Holts...
  6. Ah I see, that would be a pretty nice Thursday night gig, but it will be rammmmed
  7. So we have info they are Thursday night then?
  8. Bovla


    Some digging going on bottom right of the pyramid. Wonder what needs to be put in...
  9. Also has some nods to Kendrick's humble video
  10. Bovla


    Last piece finally going on! She'll be dressed in no time
  11. Bovla

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    Yes but finished an Australia tour on 27th March, could have hung around for a bit of sun before flying back to start Belgium on the 13th
  12. Bovla

    "Moments" of 2019

    Billie Eilish could be a massive moment absolutely nailing a John Peel slot maybe
  13. Bovla

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    A chicken did say individual area announcements starting 10th April (tomorrow) so could be a time difference error like the Amazons in 2017 Makes sense to start them now to align with 1 a week until the full list towards the end of may/beginning of june
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