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  1. Fingers crossed that's the case for all those who need it, going to be an incredibly emotions, heavy and complicated few months for the whole country, Glastonbury aside!
  2. Very true, it probably needs to go directly to the landlord to make it the most effective.
  3. Yes of course, they are not all greedy bastards, and there is not a simple solution to this. But they have ignored renters here, and many landlords are very well off and would be fine for a few months of at least reduced rent.
  4. This would be the best thing, but difficult position for renters who don't get that. People in a weaker financial position, living hand to mouth, would benefit massively from a legal position on that, and also council tax. Shops are being emptied of all budget items and it's mainly more expensive alternatives left - poorer people are going to struggle so much without more central help.
  5. A mortgage holiday but not a rent holiday...help the better off won't it.
  6. Guessing by Neil's tweet, he's also heard it's off
  7. Well said, have a like. I do believe everyone on here is good natured and never wants to 'bully' someone. It is hard to get tone and intention down when typing so it can easily happen unintentionally. Just need to keep in mind how people might read things. Definitely important not to stifle discussion as it makes forums like these what they are, but got to be careful and considerate ✌️
  8. Thanks to everyone who said they'd help already, the community on here is so great!! Hopefully we'll all be able to celebrate the 50th together on the farm come June
  9. How worried do you think we should be if we don't hear from team members for a while right up until resale date, maybe have a check in a week or 2 before to make sure everyone who signed up is still active and involved? If not, would it be a massive undertaking to remove some people and consolidate teams?
  10. Part of the beauty of it, all that prep and manic F5ing and suddenly appears on the phone of all things!
  11. Yeah I remember scrolling through that thread many times over the years, and many of the tips being not too helpful! Organisation is definitely the MVP here though.
  12. It's when I hear stories like this that I realise I have no idea what can be done to improve the odds...other than an amazing spreadsheet put together by @crazyfool1 and @vintagelaureate of course πŸ’ͺ
  13. Ah no, sad to hear that, hope everything gets sorted and you still manage to make it to the farm πŸ˜„
  14. Welcome my friend! Yeah think Kenny is pretty certain now. Been whispers of it a lot, and lines up with BST. They don't really tend to announce based on who has been spoken about, not that I think anyone knows what reason there is for announcing acts when they do, probably contractual. Biffy also subbed not too long ago (2016 I think) so coming back to headline now would be a bit odd. Other stage headliner is definitely possible, or a surprise slot in JPT or the like.
  15. Yeah this is a factor definitely, I think people would rather just see them on a tour or go to a proper festival .
  16. πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†THIS THIS THIS
  17. With Glasto announcement season round the corner and resales coming up, I thought it was a good a time as any to upgrade to the old GOLD Membership. 😎 Highly recommend it so far πŸ‘
  18. Bovla

    Nick Cave

    Mmmm the lack of festival dates does dampen the rumour somewhat. But not unheard of for acts to come over to just do Glasto. A stop off before popping across the pond. Although the gap before North America could just be to go home for a couple of months which would be fair play
  19. Bovla

    Nick Cave

    Has probably been discussed already, apologies if so. But chance of Nick appearing on the farm? Free over Glasto and appeared with Kylie last year.
  20. Aye, we should be able to sort it one way or another
  21. I like this, let's go with this
  22. Yeah, maybe one to sort out once we get there 😏
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