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    Post festival flu

    Didn't realise this was a thing either, but my fiance has gotten a really severe chest infection which developed on Monday so kinda makes sense with so many other people getting flu afterwards, hope everyone else recovers to normalilty soon.
  2. Don't know temperature but the suns currently out and it's lovely and warm, not been cold once today and I've had t-shirt and shorts all day.
  3. 3 and a half hours at gate A but finally in, man those zig zags are brutal just didn't seem to end!
  4. Same here just infront of the pylon, the queue towards the gate has been moving for 20 mins but we haven't moved for longer
  5. Arrived in Glastonbury town for the night, it's really happening the festival really starts tomorrow!!
  6. nathy137


    Pangea's crane has moved again, really is intriguing what they're doing!
  7. We'll be travelling down the M6 on route to our B&B in Glastonbury town ?
  8. Slightly off topic but if you get searched at the gates before getting onto the site and they find you've got drugs, do they just take them off you or do they actually refuse you entry as well? Only asking because this might be the first year I might bring some with me.
  9. So my ticket was delivered this morning... only problem is we missed the postie by 10 minutes and now it's at the office to pick up on Monday. How can I cope with a full weekend knowing that my tickets are at the post office and I can't get them till Monday
  10. No email through yet but See Tickets says they're being dispatched today.... it's all happening now!!
  11. Another self confirmation and suggestion line up could come at midday? Old Dirty Brasstards used the same eye emoji as a response to someone asking if it's Glasto
  12. It's for my personal use, not for social media/youtube. I first went in 2016 and I've recently gone through pics/videos that I took that year and just awesome to relive the memories that's all and tbf the actual footage and sound is really good for the majority of it. But understand peoples annoyance to filming on phones and I do try to make sure I'm not interferring with anybody elses experience.
  13. I do this to a certain degree, mainly will do it aware from main stages that aren't filmed by BBC but only do it so that I have the footage to look back over in years to come. AND the crucial bit is that I don't watch it through the screen, I'll press record, put my phone up and then just carry on enjoying the music and don't record over a minute. But people who film a lot of the set instead of enjoying it really do piss me off.
  14. Thanks for all the replies, you've all comfirmed what I sort of expected so that's fine, as Tarw said we'll just have to start a party in the queue to keep us occupied
  15. Hi All, This year we are going to be staying in a B&B in Glastonbury town on Tuesday night as to avoid a scenario like 2016 (our first time!) where we were stuck in the car for 9 hours queuing, meaning that Wednesday was virtually a write off. So because of this my fiance is wanting to get to site in in the queue for the gates as soon as possible, and as we didn't go in 2017, how long does the queuing take roughly if we were to join in at say 6:30/7am from Gate A? I know this is how long is a piece of a string but a rough idea would be nice, just to be prepared for the queuing.
  16. nathy137


    We've got the crane cab being put on top now at Pangea! ^ Just beat me to it!
  17. Not an official announcement but an announcment all the same, Pilton Palais confirm few films being shown this year.https://youtu.be/JTbFMh0N5wE
  18. Booked a B&B in Glastonbury for the Tuesday night, excitement is kicking in now!
  19. It is hard not to get the ticket day sweats and shakes while going through this thread But some very helpful tips which I haven't thought about before so thank you everyone! Going from past experience I'll be using 3 browsers on each computer, 2 auto refresh and one manual F5 for the main computer and the rest on auto refresh. As we have another couple going with us next year, so thankful as surely must double my chances or at least that's how I'm looking at it haha! Altogether we will be able to use 5 different IP address, including my work server for the first time, and 5 phones on 4G at the minimum, and when it's nearer to the day I might try and recruit more family to help, surely that'll be enough to get that well deserved ticket? At this point I'm already praying to the ticket gods, as missing out last year in both sales was devastating to say the least
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