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  1. I have three tickets being sent to me. I'm quaking at the level of responsibility.
  2. I've done it once when coming on the coach. Emptied my backpack then filled it with cider and came back. Its probably a 2 hour ish round trip. The bus both ways only runs once an hour so you have to wait for it to come back. I haven't had to do it since as I've bribed people to bring beer for me but my mates still do it! If co-op sell cans it'll be a game changer though!
  3. I've never had a ticket checked leaving on either a National Express or a See coach! Might have just got lucky though. Also, I was going to London so there were loads of coaches going that way. If I were going somewhere with fewer coaches I might be more careful.
  4. My best friend from school organised her wedding around my festival calendar! Now thats a good friend.
  5. I would but I'm too old apparently! Old people like festivals too!😎
  6. Becks12


    Had no joy either day. Was four of us trying for just two tickets. Keeping an eye on twickets now and might go loiter outside the venue next week in case anyone has a spare on the day!
  7. Becks12

    Bed questions

    I got a vango one from ebay about 5 - 6 years ago. Can be a bit of a faff to deflate afterwards if you're feeling a bit worse for wear. But if you do it properly it rolls up really quite small, plus is light. Its not this specific one but similar : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vango-Trek-Mat-3cm-Self-Inflating-Mat-2018/173239492674?epid=25017220638&hash=item2855e0e042:m:mzgjYxNkH3u9FggzVgJUf9A:rk:8:pf:0
  8. Just to echo what everyone else is saying, you'll most likely need proper trainers if you start to do it regularly or the chances of weird aches and pains appearing are much higher. I started running when I gave up smoking. Had expensive nike trainers that said they were for running.... Started getting pains up the sides of my legs not long after. had no idea about "gait" or anything like that! Went to a running shop where you go on a treadmill and jog and they film you and you see how your feet/legs go when you run. And they match shoes to you from that. Weren't cheap but they do last! No more lower leg pain!
  9. Becks12


    I see.... Argh.
  10. Becks12


    I was very tempted with the 21st tickets. I'm flying back from hols on the Thurs though and thought I'd be too knackered. Saturday I'd def be up for. Unless they're on the farm..... Funds are a bit tight at the moment. Argh why am I not rich.
  11. Biffy Clyro into Ed Sheeran was a bit odd in 2017.
  12. You know what, I think you're right 😄
  13. I'm walking at least 10 miles a day, up and down hills, in prep for the Inca trail. If I can keep it up till the summer I'll be grand!
  14. I recognise four of those. More than I expected!
  15. Becks12

    Other Stage

    They just emailed me (well the whole mailing list, not me specifically) about headlining Standon Calling so they're def doing shows this summer. It does say they're not doing many though. Can't see them turning down headlining a stage at Glastonbury!
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