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  1. There's a big morrisons about 200 yards from the train station
  2. Yes its like Christmas eve then waking up to a lynx gift set and a slazenger pack of socks
  3. If sheds had been promoted to headliner and plan b as sub I would have been quite happy I will give him half hour which is half hour more than run dmc was getting all we need now is Lucy spraggan to realise she's got a hair appointment so can't make it and miles kane takes her place now that would make me happy
  4. Totally agree Saturday night is just nonsense for headliners to the point of being embarrassing I think our plan is watch shed seven then back to the tent put some proper music on and drink our own beer instead of paying £5 a pint inside
  5. If Lucy spraggan is headlining calling out (words fail me), with amazons and Tom grennan also headlining then she is definitely sat night cos amazons and Tom grennan are both playing y not on Saturday while she is 4th down on the 2nd stage on the Sunday
  6. I just had 4 days of listening to the Spotify playlist got to say there's some proper garbage I'm just hoping Lucy spraggan is on Fri at least then I got catfish, amazons and Tom grennan but according to miss spraggan's website she's playing sat looks like a early night for me
  7. I hope not and if calling out stage has gone from loyle carner, the hunna and the coral to a x factor reject God help us
  8. Does she fancy headlining main stage Saturday night
  9. It is a great friendly festival the only thing you need to do is when you walk thru the entrance go down the hill and turn left the further left you go the quieter it is we normally camp not far from the bank of toilets quite lively around there but no knobheads, tho last year we camped in the next field on top of the hill due to the weather forecast and that field was great also just don't go thru entrance and turn right to get near the stages that's where the animals camp
  10. I have tried for 2 days solid to see why run dmc should be headliners and I have come up with not 1 viable reason, yes if they played at 6 o'clock Saturday then people may have turned up hoping for a sugarhill gang repeat but as a headliner never in God's earth are they headliners, I can understand catfish cos wherever they play it sells out very fast and big venues, I can just about understand Libertines more hype than substance tho so the answer to your question no I can't tell you why run dmc are headlining and would love somebody from the organisers to actually explain it
  11. Yes it was me but don't worry about the pint I missed the meet up I was a bit worse for wear
  12. It's very tricky for me cos I ain't got a clue on dance music what the yoof get down to with me being 52 years young
  13. Sherlocks are playing Friday at y not so it makes sense to have them on Saturday night so they will probably play Sunday
  14. The Courteeners and kendal is a match made in heaven there must be some reason why they have never appeared, as for additions its not going to be anybody big so with that in mind Blossoms Sundara Karma Louis berry Kodaline Miles kane Clean bandit Chvrches A few of those and a couple of dance acts on top of catfish, amazons, sherlocks, tom grennan and the yoof will be catered for, one thing I learned from the line up I won't waste my time doing the survey on the website again cos they obviously don't take any notice cos there is no way anyone voted for run dmc
  15. I've had time to digest after the initial shock headliners catfish OK with that popular enough will drag a big crowd, Libertines never liked em couple of good songs understandable headliner after petes appearance couple of years ago, run dmc not got a clue why, no appeal to young crowd and no appeal to a older crowd but it gives people a chance to put a face to the band on there t shirt they bought from matalan cos they thought it was cool, HC not my cup of tea at all so out of the 4 headliners I will watch 1 The undercard now that's when it gets better ocs , James, shed seven, amazons, sherlocks, tom grennan, white lies, slow readers club so that's 9 acts without starting to listen to the bands that's been announced to see if I can unearth a gem or 2 on average over the last few years I've watched about 12 bands over the weekend (cos we do like a campsite party) so not doing bad really just feeling deflated about the headliners there's no noel or phonics to get the pulses racing like the previous couple of years
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