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  1. thisisthesam

    Lineup 2018

    I don't think there's been any deaths but over the weekend I saw about 5-6 young kids in a really bad way, eyes gone and volunteers putting them into recovery positions. Obviously don't know their limits but some of them were collapsing at midday sets. Maybe I'm showing my age aha.
  2. thisisthesam

    Lineup 2018

    Got back early last night but had a fantastic weekend at Reading! Pretty much all of the acts I caught were great. I was a little disappointed with Kendrick due to the crowd being dead where I was stood. I saw him at the o2 arena shows and had such a good time so hard not to compare. Too many young ones collapsing in the middle of the field with their eyes rolling around for my liking. Not nice to see but kudos to the volunteers and security on hand. The lineup wasn't as iconic as the years gone by but I do think the music scene is changing sadly.
  3. thisisthesam

    Received a second set of tickets?

    Can I have your extra car parking pass please?
  4. thisisthesam

    Late Car Parking

    Hey guys, Late to the reading party but I've just been given some weekend tickets a few days ago. I need car parking but it's sadly sold out? Has anyone got any advice on what to do / anywhere else we can park? We will be arriving Friday morning / midday. Cheers, Sam
  5. thisisthesam

    Secret sets 2018

    Where's the best place to check on the day? I love a secret set. Managed to catch Foals a few year back and they were banging.
  6. thisisthesam

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    Looking forward to this... Great lineup for the price. Any news on set times yet?
  7. thisisthesam

    Rolling Stones

    Did anyone pick up a spare screen print poster? Had to dash to the tube and missed out as they're sold out now. Gutted. However the night was bloody amazing. What a gig and the setlist was tremendous.
  8. thisisthesam

    Rolling Stones

    Well chuffed with LG. Seen him twice and loved him every time. Set to be a fantastic day, lets hope for some sun too!
  9. thisisthesam

    arctic monkey shows

    4x Standing for London.
  10. thisisthesam

    Rolling Stones

    My bad. Sorry! Anyone know the London support?
  11. thisisthesam

    Rolling Stones

    Some rumours flying around on social media that The Specials are supporting in Coventry. Here's hoping for the same in London!
  12. thisisthesam

    Rolling Stones

    Took me bloody ages too but finally got through and got GA. Can't wait!
  13. thisisthesam

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    Going on a huge whim here but hear me out... Alex Turner is 'friends' with QOTSA. Miles is already there, so + Alex = an impromptu Shadow Puppets performance? Matt Helders also plays drums for Iggy Pop = half of the Arctic Monkeys (also friends) (secret set?)
  14. thisisthesam

    Setlist-based Spotify playlist

    Hey guys, where can I find the official 2015 playlist by you guys?
  15. thisisthesam

    Kanye west confirmed

    Over the moon. Fantastic booking.