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  1. Cage The Elephant doing small Brighton gig on the 29th? Surely not a coincidence?
  2. 1975 secret set this year? Headlining 2021?
  3. OOI, why didn't they release this after next years festival? I assume the 50th year is missing in the book? Or will there be a re-issue?
  4. Thank you! Got one for my Dad for Christmas
  5. I thought Kendrick at his o2 show was amazing. Loved it. Massive fan of him too. Reading was a little lacklustre, don't know why? Where I was stood, the crowd was dead. That probably played a huge part in it as I like to see some movement and hype. If he is playing 2020, I hope he'll have a new album out by then. A few singles will be disappointing.
  6. Would have liked someone else after seeing them open the other stage in 2015.
  7. I've set it up again from scratch. Reckon its the first time you input your mobile number you have to add country code +44. Hoping it works... ?
  8. I didn't get the last tweet as a SMS even though it works when I 'test' it.
  9. Confirm your email address (check inbox)!
  10. Zapier downloaded and tested. What happens when the 14 day trial ends? (do above posters pay for future glastonbury's now?)
  11. Can you do SMS through Twitter itself or only Zapier. New to this, so don't want to risk missing out on anything.
  12. Is best place for announcements the @secretglasto twitter account?
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