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  1. Untz

    30k more tickets for Glastonbury in future?

    Never mind the main stages, getting a seat in Mavericks without queuing would be nice.
  2. Untz

    Lack of T Day nerves / excitement

    I'm not entirely sure if/when I'll go back to Glastonbury again, but my body has picked up on the change in seasons and I am in full MUST GET TICKETS mode. I'm supposed to be buying flights for holidays next year so I'm trying to channel it into that, but it's not working.
  3. Untz


    The Blueprint line up is a little disappointing considering the fantastic nights they've had over the bank holiday in previous years (and which I mourned the loss of this year). Still got tickets like. Awful lot of dross on the other November line ups.
  4. Untz

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    What kind of shit logic is that? People want to party for as long as possible, not for x amount of hours after the headliners.
  5. Untz


    And realise what I missed out on due to my stupidity? Probably best to just pretend they never played.
  6. Untz

    See Coaches - a bit of a shambles...

    I was lucky in that it was really easy for me to get to with step free access on public transport all the way and would have been just as long leaving from somewhere else. They could have bloody had some signposts or something though.
  7. Untz


    I completely mixed up the time that Moderat were on and arrived moments after they finished. I was quite looking forward to them too.
  8. Untz

    Suicide Tuesday

    I've not been eating too bad, but I've had such a craving for fruity/sweet things. I've been necking squash when I usually only have it when hungover and have even bought lots of actual fruit (plus fruit ice lollies) when at best I struggle to eat an apple a day. Think I need to go to the pub for some beer to rebalance myself.
  9. Untz

    Glastonbury Tea Towel

    Yes, got my tea towel! Bloody love it too. Though Mik Artistik's masking tape just beats it to best available merchandise.
  10. Saw 30 seconds of him on one of the big screens while stood in Williams Green. So I can say I saw him, but I didn't have to suffer through him. Win win.
  11. Untz

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    Never been to the Pilton Palais, but if they use the same stuff as the Cabaret tent and Big Top I imagine it's easier to keep clean in muddier years than anything nicer. The problem with benches I guess would be that they would limit the capacity and that could work for films, but would be a pain for other sitting venues with more frequently changing acts of differing popularities. I've been to Cabaret acts where most people are standing it's been so busy. Talking of seating in tents, I think I enjoyed sitting on a proper chair with a hard back in Mavericks almost as much as the acts. Would definitely go back even if just for the hard backed chair.
  12. Untz

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    Which bit of contemporary or art is dance music not a part of?
  13. Untz

    Suicide Tuesday

    I've not yet been out of bed for longer for 45 minutes since I've got home. This is probably a bad thing.
  14. Untz

    Food offer 2017

    I got that and didn't like it - I could only manage to eat the one bhaji. The slices of onion were way too thick I thought.
  15. Untz

    Suicide Tuesday

    Was going to do it yesterday, but I had next to no appetite and couldn't emotionally handle the steps of ordering and then collecting the food from the door so had to make do with 1/3 of a microwavable lasagne. Today is the day!