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  1. It's fucking Paul McCartney, if anyone can get away with so many "deep cuts" in this slot it's him. He's had a phenomenal career and I can't blame him for wanting to highlight all of it, not just The Beatles. And anyway, even his so called "deep cuts" are still objectively more widely known songs than the biggest hit of 95% of the other bands in the festival lol. The only thing that bugged me a bit is dropping Yesterday, but he's been doing that for a while now for whatever reason. Still it's a phenomenal set.
  2. We're talking about W1 Thursday mostly. In the next two days there were loads of cans and bottles everywhere (and also we knew we needed to sneak in bottle cap), so I've had enough water and no worries. But Thursday was genuinely shocking - I literally ended up asking total strangers in the audience if they had some water because it felt unsafe. I was saving up a spot for Pavement - one of my favorite bands in the whole world, and the initial reason I bought the ticket - and actually considered leaving the spot just because I was afraid to pass out during the concert. Thankfully some cool guys in the audience gave me water, and my friend was somehow able to reach me and get me some water - after the poor guy spent pretty much the entire Tame Impala set in the bar queue, and then somehow made his way through this huge crowd with two open water glasses without spilling them. So by Pavement, we were well hydrated and it didn't ruin my enjoyment of the show - though I have to admit, mentally the stress and shock from the experience was definitely still there and I wasn't in my best state. Thankfully Pavement are so damn great they can cure anything, but still it was an absolutely shocking experience in every way. I actually kinda considered ditching the rest of the festival, that's how bad it was. Was so relieved to see the free water being given away everywhere in the next day - credit to PS for fixing it quick.
  3. Hmm no? Maybe? I don't know? I guess you could have got a decent middle spot for National, but surely not a really great one. Maybe I'm just over anxious about those things, but usually I wouldn't want to take those risks. In 2016, it was Brian Wilson -> Deerhunter -> PJ Harvey (what a run damn, Sigur Ros after too), I was doine Wilson and PJ and I remember being quite irritated at having to miss Deerhunter. I had a good spot for Brian Wilson, and with the crowd leaving I was able to march forward get a great spot for PJ Harvey - first 3-4 rows - no way I could have seen Deerhunter and still got this spot. I was at a different festival with side by side stages (Osheaga in Montreal) but they had a significant barrier and security corridor between them, and it was absolutely great. No crowd management issues and you're able to comfortably watch the other stage while waiting for a show. I really thing a barrier/corridor would have fixed this mess.
  4. Well, the big obvious advantage would be being able to enjoy shows at both stages? For example Fontaines->Beck->National, I was at the Fontaines/National stage. In the old addition I wouldn't be able to see or hear anything that was going on at Beck (even the screens didn't show the other stage), but now I was able to watch Beck do his thing while waiting for the National. There's obvious crowd management issues - for me I think the big WTF decision was not having any sort of barrier between the two stages - but there's a definite advantage of being able to enjoy the other stage while waiting for a show in the first one.
  5. Wasn't in week 2 but I definitely sympathize with that. Reminds me of Tame Impala (who, full disclosure, I can't stand) -> Pavement. Tame Impala's set with the huge lightning rig just felt more like a light show, well rehearsed, perfectly played, minimal improvisation (other than the Strokes cover which was the best moment of their set by far). Than Pavement with their sloppiness and real energy were just a thousand times better.
  6. Wonder how next year's edition will look like. It seems Primavera have really done a lot to learn from W1 Thursday mistakes - and by all accounts, the rest of the days were all much better - but the basic problem of overselling tickets is just impossible to deal with at this time. Will they learn the lesson and sell less tickets like previous years? I doubt it, it's very rare for events like this to scale back. Especially with their new obsession of setting up Primaveras everywhere in the world. Will people be less excited to go? It seems to me that a lot of regulars share the "magic's gone" sentiment and might skip or try something else this year. That includes me (but still, I'm unlikely to find a festival with a better lineup, especially with no camping, so I might end up back... or just skip festivals entirely next summer and do some proper, non-music related travelling). I'm sure the "build up" thread to 2023 will be a lot less excited and a lot more worried/skeptical than this year was. But honestly, I have no idea how much those internet/social replies actually represents the people attending the festival. And last, I wonder if it will affect the lineup. Surely PS are aware, this is by far their most negatively-received edition ever (I don't recall such furious replies on social ever), I won't be surprised to see some huge names on next year's lineup (my money's on Kendrick) to make people forget this year's issues.
  7. Fair, I'd definitely admit the festival wasn't as magical as the previous editions I've attended (2015, 2016) despite having the best lineup of the three IMO. Mostly because it was overcrowded and just a lot less chill than usual. It's a shame, but even this new version of Primavera is still better than 99% of the festivals I know of, especially if I don't want to camp. The lineups are just amazing, the weather, the city, etc. Yeah Glastonbury's better, but most of us have zero hopes of ever getting a ticket (I did actually attend Glasto once when my band played in it - I'm pretty sure that for an outsider like me, it's easier to get on the lineup than to actually buy a ticket).
  8. Yeah as I said the queues were much longer than expected, it was never this hard to get in previous years unless it was a really big band. It all comes down to overcrowding the festival. But still, it was never a guarantee.
  9. I don't know about the brunch, I was never going to attend w2 so I didn't really bother following. But as for ciutat shows, they're indoor venues and obviously they have a capacity. It was known in advance. I admit that the length of queues (and how difficult it was to get in) was very surprising to me, but still, it was clear that capacity will be limited.
  10. A week ago I was complaining about lack of water, shocking organization and was feeling pretty bad about Primavera in general. Now I'm so jealous of everyone who's still in there. Definitely turned it around for me. I think W1 lineup is way, way better than W2 - in a way, it was a bit too good for me. So many amazing artists everywhere, and with at least 1 can't-miss artist per day, it was quite stressful at times to get good spots (especially with the overbooking), plan strategies, etc. I only caught one set by "chance" - Tim Burgess - and loved it. Would love to do W2 where I don't like the lineup nearly as much and would be free to walk around, chill, explore without worrying about my spot. Also, Squid -> Ride -> Slowdive -> Metronomy sounds like a dream. Also I'm not really sure what's the outcry on the Sunday brunch thing? I wish all Ciutat shows were allocated in advance so people won't have to queue hours (and often not get in).
  11. Best kept secret is supposed to be pretty great, usually has fantastic lineup too
  12. Part of what I love about Primavera is a lot of bands getting really proper set times. 1:40 for Pavement, 1:30 for the National and today 2 hours of nick cave. They let bands play on rather than force them to a short greatest hits. This way you get gems like Apartment Story and Pink Rabbits yesterday, and all those Pavement deep cuts.
  13. Did you have any problems getting the water in? I imagine you can't hide a one liter bottles easily.
  14. Yeah Pavement were great. Interesting setlist too, heavy on hits but some deep cuts too. However, I thought the crowd upfront was way too rowdy and I kinda hated the mosh pits and crowd surfing. For me they're a legendary band with songs that were huge in my life, I would love to be able to watch them without having to fear for my safety. Ended up going back a few rows which was much better. The band absolutely delivered.
  15. Im legit brainstorming ways to sneak in water bottles tomorrow (would appreciate any suggestions), otherwise it doesn't really feel safe. Legit near impossible to get water here (Unless Im missing something big)
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