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  1. yaniv297

    The Cure

    Honestly puzzled by some of what I read in here. The Cure, other than being IMO one of the greatest bands in our generation (and certainly a legendary band deserving a headline slot), also have loads of hits and they're proven as great festival headliners. They would be an excellent choice. The BST setlist was pretty much as "greatest hits" as they come, minus the Lovecats. This main set "full of yawns" included Lovesong, Just Like Heaven, Pictures of You, Fascination Street, A Forest, Inbetween Days and many others top-drawer Cure hits. If Stormzy is a headliner, The Cure surely are.
  2. I don't know if it's about getting old, it's just not a very exciting lineup, by Primavera standards of course. It's not terrible but it's nowhere near what we came to expect
  3. It's the worst Primavera lineup I can remember, and that's at least 10 years back. I guess they're allowed a year off, I'm just happy I don't currently have the money to go this anyway. Hopefully 2020 will be back to form.
  4. Some good bands, but quite disappointing by Primavera's usual standard. GBV will be brilliant though
  5. Nope, only know our set times, and even if I did know more I wouldn't share it
  6. Hey! We're playing on the Sunday in this festival. We're called Bones Garage. Check us out if you like:
  7. yaniv297

    The National

    I never understand why people leave out Sleep Well Beast when discussing this run, it's an album highlight.
  8. yaniv297

    The National

    So I officially declare this the best National album. It's better than Boxer. Guilty Party is a perfect song, top 5 National, possibly top 3. Walk it Back grew to be one of my favorites, those last 2 minutes are just amazing. Particularly the "Don't go dark on me" verse, just purely emotional. I like Turtleneck, reminds me of Nick Cave, but I could live without it on the album. It does offer a bit of variety though! I also seem to like Born to Beg more than most people. The most obvious misstep here is the chorus of "Day I Die" - the drums, guitar and verses are all awesome, but this chorus is so mediocre. Here's my song rankings from best to worst: Guilty Party - 10/10 Walk it Back - 10/10 I'll Still Destroy You - 10/10 Nobody Else Will Be There - 9/10 Sleep Well Beast - 9/10 System - 9/10 Carin - 9/10 Born to Beg - 9/10 Empire Line - 8/10 Gym - 8/10 Day I Die - 8/10 Turtleneck - 8/10 So pretty solid scores all around! Rewatching the Glastonbury set, it's pretty great, I just wish I knew all those songs in real time. "Walk it Back" is still a weird choice for a festival set (despite it being a 10/10 in my book) and I still don't like the Turtleneck closer, although it allowed Matt to go crazy.
  9. yaniv297

    Arcade Fire

    Signs of Life is massively overrated here. It's not as bad as Chemistry/Peter Pan/Good God Damn, but certainly not a great song like Put Your Money or WDDL.
  10. yaniv297

    The National

    I mean, truly new fans won't be able to tell what's a new song and what's an old one. Those 3 songs you mentioned aren't really more accessible than the new ones, you just know them before. And I understand why they were hesitant with Vanderlyle - this singalong thing they do might have been embarrassing with half the crowd not knowing them enough.
  11. yaniv297

    Arcade Fire

    Put Your Money on Me and We Don't Deserve Love are great. Rest of the album are singles we've already heard + quite medicore songs in the middle + repetition of same song.
  12. yaniv297

    2019 Headliners

    How many headline performances do Coldplay get before their booking isn't that 'big' anymore. I mean they're a big band but Coldplay headlining Glasto isn't a special occasion.
  13. I think this boycott seems to be overstated in every discussion I've seen about it. Radiohead aren't breaking any major boycott - a pretty failed attempt at boycott would be more accurate. Just this summer we have Guns N Roses, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Nick Cave, Aerosmith, Pet Shop Boys, Pixies, Rod Stewart and Brian Adams are all playing in Israel. In recent years we've had McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, Elton John, Metallica, Brian Wilson, Pixies, Soundgarden, Depeche Mode, and just about every rock legend play here. Major pop stars like Madonna (who actually covered herself in Israel's flag), Justin Timberlake, Avicci, Lady Gaga and Sia all played here too. Interesting fact, Paul McCartney actually had explicit death threats if he came to play here. He came anyway and the show was fucking awesome. Also loads of indie bands come over - Tame Impala, The Antlers, Alt-J, Granddaddy, Sun Kil Moon, Mac Demarco, Slowdive, Real Estate, Freddie Gibbs, Ariel Pink, Perfume Genius and many more have played Israel recently. Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis just canceled their gig here. Did the BDS pressure got to them? No, actually they cancelled because of poor ticket sales. The truth is, Israelis simply can't afford all the international shows coming our way - that kinda shows you just how much impact the BDS movement have here. The only artist I ever remember cancelling because of BDS is Elvis Costello - and that was almost a decade ago. Since then it was failure after failure for BDS, almost amusingly ineffective (they did get a few nice words from Jesse Hughes though). So many technological companies, including the biggest in the world, have headquarters in Israel, and almost every western government being friends with Israel. Like it or not, Israel is in every way part of the western world - culture, art, technology, research, science, politics, tourism. It makes sense for western bands to play there and almost everybody's doing it. I'm not sure why are Radiohead specifically getting so much flack - but this whole thing will be forgotten a week after the show, just like no one really cares McCartney or the Stones played here.
  14. yaniv297

    The National

    Well I certainly got a lot more hyped about the new album, but I'm a fan anyway. I was with a friend who didn't really know them and he absolutely loved it.
  15. yaniv297

    The National

    People singing Foo Fighters songs? man that's pretty horrible. You should've moved somewhere else. Around me the crowd was decent, not amazing but seemed to listen, especially in the later songs. I thought Matt was pretty cool, he's not Dave Grohl but his stage persona is entertaining, and I loved watching him lose it. I kinda anticipated him going into the crowd, and was dissapointed he didn't, but never mind really. I think the main problem was the spot, most of the audience didn't know them, and also the setlist was a big problem. They lost a lot of the audience with all the new songs and it took them a while to recoup them. From the England climax up until Terrible Love, people seemed mostly into it, but that run was quite short. And Turtleneck was an awful closer - even though attempting 'Vanderlye' singalong with this crowd might have been suicidal. Should've closed with 'Terrible Love' and added something else before, something like Afraid of Everyone, Graceless, Mistaken for Strangers or Squalor Victoria.
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