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  1. I remember the first couple of days were really nice and hot. We were camped in Wicket ground and at some point decided to head to the Brothers bar to get a couple more 2 Ltr bottles of Brothers cider, but one of the guys decided to stay by the tent doing a spot of sunbathing/sleeping. When we got back we found him fast asleep with the bigest puss filled boils on his back from sunburn that you have ever seen. Seriously, it was like in the Gremlins when they are fed after midnight and have water split on them.

    Anyway, after he got sorted out by the medical tent we decded to go watch the Goonies in the cinema field, and I met up with this girl who i met at Reading a couple of years before. I ended up going back to her tent a couple of fields over on the thursday night, so got caught in my tshirt shorts and trainers during the storm. i tried to wait it out for a few hours, but by about 10am i gave in and ran back to our camp, getting completly soaked in the process.

    When i got back to our tent (one of those with 3 little bedrooms and a central living area), I found that my mate had been so pissed that he forgot to put the sun roof cover so the middle bit was soaking! We managed to sort it out and the 4 of us sat listening to Jo Wiley on radio 1 saying how bad the site was and there was a risk that the festival being cancelled, just as they lost power and the sound cut out.

    I don't really remember much else after that as we decided the only solution to the predicament we were in was to get drunk and not worry about it. all i remember was watching Coldplay on the Saturday night and someone knocking our mate with the big boils on his back and seeing a huge wet patch running down the back of his T shirt...

  2. There isn't actually anything wrong with these stoves as a whole (well there might be with some from specific manufacturers, as with all things), it's just stupid people not putting the gas canister in properly that make them explode.

  3. I met my girlfriend at glasto in 2007 and we're still going strong!

    It was a bit of a random and tenuous link to how we met... Her sister goes out with my friends brothers uni mate and although we kind of knew them a bit I had never met her.

    Before the festival we had told them where we were camping and invited them to camp by us, but since we were driving down from the Midlands and them from London we didn't expect them to trek over to us.

    However, just after i went through the gates a i heard my mate shout someones name and it just so happened that they had managed to come through exactly the same gate at the same time as us!

    After a weekend of flirting we exchanged phone numbers and i arranged to go visit her in London the following weekend. We got together that weekend and been together ever since!!

  4. I had a bit of a flag rage moment during Hot Chip. Some bloke with a CND flag just kept brushing ot over the head of anyone near him. after about 4 or 5 times of him gettting me i grabbed it off him, snapped the flag pole in half over my knee and threw it on the floor. The bloke was with about 5 other mates so could easily have started a fight with me but he didn;t know what to do so just moved away!

    My mrs didn;t know what to do as i an usually very laid back! i got a lot of stick for it for the rest of the weekend!

  5. I saw them in Brighton on saturday night. I asked the girl on the sound desk if they were playing. she said she couldn't possibly say while nodding her head, which i took as a yes!

    I also asked if she knew which day they would play, she said she wished she knew!

    I'm hoping for friday night headlining the other stage like bloc party last year!

  6. Can anybody give me some advise on the best way to travel to Weston Park from Premier Inn Cannock? as due to there being no camping tickets left i could only get weekend only tickets and going to have to travel to the festival each day.

    Is there a shuttle bus service? i have found out that Shaw's Travel operate a bus service but from the Telford area only does anybody know if the same service is operated from the Cannock area?


  7. My mate came over sunday around 2 on the off chance he could sneak in by just putting all 12 of his old festival wristband on but that didnt work lol but then as he was walking at saw a couple walking out and asked if they were just going to their car or going home and they said home and he bought the guys wristband off him for £10 too some getting off but he got in!!

  8. I heard this conversation between a couple just after Phil Daniels had come on to do parklife with blur-

    Bloke: That must be the most famous thing that that bloke will ever be known for

    Girl: No, he's an actor too!

    Bloke: Oh really?

    Girl: Yeah he was in Eastenders

    Bloke: Oh, he's not a proper actor then!!

    I'm guessing they've never seen Quadrophenia!!

  9. I've had Testicular cancer myself, and i'd say wait until you know for sure that it is, and how far advanced before you decide what to do.

    from me telling my Dr i had a lump to having a scan was less than a week, and less than a week again before i was in hospital having it took out. I was really lucky that it was found early so all i needed was 1 dose of chemo for an afternoon a few weeks later, so even if it is anything, by the time Glasto comes round he could be at home with it all over and done with!

    the Dr saying they think he has cancer is complete rubbish and just scaring you, there's no way of knowing until they do the scan and test the lump if they take it out.

    feel free to ask any questions if you're worried about it!

  10. i've always got my ticket direct from ticktacktickets in spain as they will post you the tickets as soon as you have bought them, saves waiting until the week before, especially if you plan to go out early. think it's 140 euro's plus 30 0r 40 for the airmail, so costs a bit more now that the £ is crap, but used to work out cheaper than buying through see or ticketmaster.

    if theres a few of you getting them at the same time it's probs still worth it to save the hassle.

  11. My mate wrote this after V last year. warning sarcasm alert

    don’t even think about buying a ticket for next year’s Glastonbury. It’s rubbish and after experiencing V last weekend I can’t believe people actually consider going all the way to Somerset for Glasto.

    Here’s a dozen reasons showing what’s wrong with it.

    1. There’s no arena. Honestly. Once you are through the gates you never have to show your fancy wristband or get searched again, ever. Stupid!

    2. Because there’s no arena, it can’t close. So you have to keep on having a good time for as long as you want. Crazy!

    3. The cheeky sods actually let you take your own booze into the arena, because er, there isn’t one. No more fun stuffing it up your jumper and feeling cute when you get past the friendly security chaps. Bonkers!

    4. There isn’t a Gazebo Gestapo, you are stuck with the option of having to buy one and keep dry outside your tent if it rains. Lunacy!

    5. You run a serious risk of keeping warm next to your tent at night because you can light a fire. To make it worse, they even give you the wood, free. Madness!

    6. They insult your cleanliness by giving you bog rolls, free, as many as you want. Unreal!

    7. They make you watch bands for an extra day but make sure that you miss lots of them by providing umpteen other tents for Cabaret, Comedy and Debating etc. The swines.

    8. You have to take 2 extra days off work because they make you go on the Wednesday. You have to spend all day Thursday finding your way round and chilling out. Good Grief!

    9. You can’t have a moan at the Programme/Lanyard price because there aren’t any people selling them. The boring sods make the programme part of the ticket price. Sheesh!

    10. Those enterprising chaps the touts go hungry because your mug shot and personal details get printed on the ticket. You can’t even pay a big mark up on ebay. Drats!

    11. Kids under 12 get in for nothing, nowt, bugger all. They get really upset coz they don’t get a wristband. It’s a nightmare.

    12. You keep bumping into toilets coz there are too many of them, and urinals, and even special ones that actually don’t fill up. It’s boring not queuing for ages.

    I’m sure you’re shocked yet glad that you helped line Richard Branson’s pockets, I mean, he does need the money doesn’t he! So there you go, Glasto Rubbish, V great. It’s so simple!

  12. Dude...i seriously considered it. Going to Benicassim on the Monday, going back to Madrid Friday morning doing Summercase for the weekend then heading back to Benicassim/Valencia. I mean, it´s possible.......

    4 days of carnage on Bonet, then Summercase, then another day in Beni...then a week on the beach in Valencia :blink:

    Oh...and i rekkon we´ll get on Bonet Sunday night...no problem!! By that point they don´t care...we can have a chat with security..they won´t care!!

  13. Jajajajaj...yea, i think that´s the general theme dude!!

    I always love getting to Beni...set up ya hammock/tent and just head straight to the bar to talk bollocks with complete strangers!! By monday night iś just a complete f**king blur for a week....

    Damn, damn, damn...why did they put Summercase and Beni on the same f**king weekend....???

  14. Yea, i wouldn´t argue with that either. Out of the 3 i have been to i have to say last year was the best for me. I mean, they have all been good for various reason but the people i met from this board and the people we ended up camping with were just awesome and made the festie.

    Due to Summercase & Beni being on the same weekend this year and the fact i live in Madrid i am gonna go to Summercase on the Friday/Saturday then head to Beni for the last night on the Sunday and hook up with a few people. Not gonna buy a ticket, will just watch from the mountainside...did that last year, was awesome!!

    So, who´s organising the football match this year???? ROFL!!!!

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