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  1. While I have never been really aware of Halsey's work, her new album is fucking fantastic. Would work at Primavera quite well. Maybe 2023 if NIN end up on that bill too.
  2. Sounds exactly the kind of thing I need.
  3. I am in Kent right now, not far from Alfresco happening this weekend. Curious if anyone has any thoughts on it . Whats the general vibe? It doesnt seem to big ? How's the demographic at it ? Any thoughts on it would be appreciated.
  4. Basinski annoucned a tour. Would love him at prim
  5. Nin at hellfest...please come to prim
  6. Slightly sad that the likes of NIN aren't there but the rest is fantastic.
  7. I'm guessing the primavera sound 2022 playlist that is someone put on Spotify is purely speculative?
  8. Probably. I was told touring and recording. But this was something I was told a while back and without knowing about this new band Jonny and Thom formed. Where that goes who knows
  9. Actually....looks maybe it's their new band Smile
  10. Takes this as you will from a random dude on the internet but Radiohead did have plans to your next year. I haven't totally ruled them out at all and wouldn't be surprised if they pop up.
  11. Gabi mentioned that he heard that Portishead were up to something but wouldn't be ready in time for the 2020 festival ( I think )
  12. Had that in Detroit for movement. There were like three types of vip or something and it was unclear what was what. Def not worth it in the end.
  13. The main appeal when I looked at tickets were the viewing areas more than anything else. Didn’t know it’s new to this year. Thanks for clarifying.
  14. Wait..since I tend to treat myself to vip at primavera I don't like music? Shit. Better have a long hard think about my life choices. Ah fair enough. The main reason is the additional viewing areas which seem tempting. Especially for a short arse like me. My friend is a bit older and not the best on his feet so wanted to make the whole thing a bit easier for him. Still waiting for the right lineup though.
  15. Anyone done the vip before? Got a friend's birthday around that time and may do it to cheer them up
  16. Is there a list anywhere with all the confirmed festivals happening this summer ?
  17. Think NIN will be on this one. They were due to be headlining this year I believe but were pushed to 2022
  18. I havent been in years but will be going this year for sure. Regardless of line up. I miss that place.
  19. I think I am making peace with the fact nothing is going to happen , not on the scale of Primavera anyway. Listening to Colin Greenwood on BBC radio this morning and while the vaccine is this supposed beacon of hope, the idea of bands managing to get the insurance for them and their crew is going to be difficult. In some respects there is a model they can adapt from the big budget film productions that have happened. Test on set, bubbles etc...but it would have to be a small small festival. Id rather just know now. Did I heard the deadline for confirming festivals is March?
  20. Just to chime in on the NIN talk. I really dont buy them being in Europe next summer at all. I think they will do their dates in NA. Especially Canadian dates given they had like...5 nights in Toronto (its unlikely to be a huge venue and probably Danforth but as a Irish guy I have never been to a NA gig so no idea if they could fill scotiabank for five nights. I saw radiohead there twice and they sold out both nights) They also didnt tour Canada at all last time (i was living there and it hurt, no pun intended) I think NIN are taking what they can get now. They return to score work. They will finish the Fincher movie and probably have a few more things lined up. Do some substantial NIN work. Tour NA with it...and then go to Europe for the festival circuit. 2022 timeline to me seems far more likely. Plus, I know Prim is very open in its curation but I cant see NIN being in 2021 line up at all. If the talk of Portishead coming back ....2022 with Portishead and NIN is a topline that sells itself and then some.
  21. Just some clarification on Massive Attack would make me happier. There a huge part of the line up and them disappearing on the social media posters is annoying . Even though she said during the interview they were playing
  22. Not from what I can see unless certain bands are demoted. But if they do Ill be front and centre. Same can be said for Portishead. The rumor they were good to go for 2021 floated around.
  23. For real. I didnt dig the last album either. Ah well, plenty other things to watch.
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