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  1. Just to chime in on the NIN talk. I really dont buy them being in Europe next summer at all. I think they will do their dates in NA. Especially Canadian dates given they had like...5 nights in Toronto (its unlikely to be a huge venue and probably Danforth but as a Irish guy I have never been to a NA gig so no idea if they could fill scotiabank for five nights. I saw radiohead there twice and they sold out both nights) They also didnt tour Canada at all last time (i was living there and it hurt, no pun intended) I think NIN are taking what they can get now. They return to score work. They will finish the Fincher movie and probably have a few more things lined up. Do some substantial NIN work. Tour NA with it...and then go to Europe for the festival circuit. 2022 timeline to me seems far more likely. Plus, I know Prim is very open in its curation but I cant see NIN being in 2021 line up at all. If the talk of Portishead coming back ....2022 with Portishead and NIN is a topline that sells itself and then some.
  2. Just some clarification on Massive Attack would make me happier. There a huge part of the line up and them disappearing on the social media posters is annoying . Even though she said during the interview they were playing
  3. Not from what I can see unless certain bands are demoted. But if they do Ill be front and centre. Same can be said for Portishead. The rumor they were good to go for 2021 floated around.
  4. For real. I didnt dig the last album either. Ah well, plenty other things to watch.
  5. According to someone else he mentioned 2021 acts have opted for 2022 so its likely they have moved to then.
  6. Ya I know. Im greedy but after years of complaining in their line up drops, I am grateful we got so much so soon. I should have been in Detroit last weekend for Movement so this has cheered me up. With that said, Id like a little bit of that line up at Prim....especially ANNA
  7. you can see where my musical tastes move towards 🤣 although I fuck with the Tyler album hard. One name I am a bit bummed out about not seeing is Arca.
  8. So how many headliner slots do you think are left Massive Attack, Tame, Gorillaz , National, Pavement, Strokes?
  9. Possibly. It seems like Trent was ready to go though. He had a lot of dates lined up for after the summer in NA so it would seem logistically sound for them to head to Europe in the summer. I think he is eager to get NIN on the road again. I am hoping for the best. Its been a minute since Ive seen them,
  10. Ah ok. Either way, we should be getting NIN in the next few years. Which would be awesome.
  11. If he meant what he said that NIN were booked for 2021 instead of 2020 and that is still happening....this may be the most perfect line up ever for me. Massive Attack, Aphex and Autechre is what dreams are made of. Throw Nails into that and possible Portishead...dear lord Gabi.
  12. Seeing NIN at Primavera would be a bucket list moment for me. I need this to happen.
  13. The word is its moving to October.
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