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  1. Circle/star is the last post you read too - rather than the latest post in the thread. Which i think is even better!
  2. Has anyone done a comparison of 2020 poster vs todays?
  3. phimill

    Kanye West

    The best part of it is he used this footage for through the wire etc. when he has the VHS audios - you can just hear him building the songs through his daily life and being pushed back by everyone. Re-listening to college dropout for the first time in a few years now because of it.
  4. This... a guess a large majority would be able to pay upfront now. They just need to open and announce that payment can take place between now and March. Budget on everyone paying last minute - with any early payments at the 5% VAT rate additional profit to support going forward
  5. How long do we think the rest of the country is behind - if i remember correctly it was about 2W after NW that it started to rise elsewhere. If so, we hope to peak around 1st August (with euros baked in to this peak so no additonal spike). Then hopefully with vaccines in place its a steep decline back to "minimal" levels around end of august - at this time we should be around 80% adults fully vaccinated, and fingers crossed with no scariants we will just have the "humm" around in the background
  6. I'll add to the league - a great watch, and you don't need to understand the neuance of fantasy football. Another one that might have been overlooked but i guess would be in the same crowd would be Weeds
  7. Definitely a credit to Gareth, but I said last night - is there more positivity around it all as the media haven't been able to be in the camp like they usually are at other tournaments pre-COVID?
  8. But really you need to average todays and yesterdays values due to the processing issue - so still around 18k cases.
  9. I just tried to rebook mine (30 y/o Pfizer) - and was still 11weeks, so must not have got down to all under 40's yet
  10. Not sure this has been thought about before. Obviously the UK wanted to open vaccination up to all adults by 21.6. Did they get stumped by how good the take up was going to be and therefore - might be at 80% of adults by 21/6 which they had possibly planned for. But due to high take up at all levels means they haven't got "good" levels at all ages? They have excellent at high ages, but not enough round the younger bracket just yet
  11. Shapps has offically mentioned the Nepal variant...
  12. Yep, open for everyone else as of 1st June, gives the month to get jabs in arms and have offered everyone the opportunity of a vaccine in June
  13. Amazing! It's my time then! I guess it is a case of refreshing the national booking system?
  14. Is this 31year olds (30year olds who are 31 in July) or all 30 and 31 year olds?
  15. Are we expecting 31/30yr olds to be allowed to book this week? Any guess when it will be opened up?
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