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  1. phimill

    The 2019 Food Thread

    They now stock these as lunch pots in Aldi!
  2. tickets on sale on 23rd Nov at 9am
  3. If it is Elton it would be good to confirm/deny this before tickets go on sale on Friday!!
  4. LAst year at the killers they were handing out wristbands until about 3/4pm
  5. have the day specific maps been released yet?
  6. Has anyone received their e-tickets for the Roger Waters date yet?
  7. Has anyone been to a concert at the Ricoh before? What are the facilities like? Do they have bars on the pitch? or vendors walking round? Or do you have to go out into the concourse?
  8. https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/live-rock-legends-rolling-stones-14388376 Seem to be getting info from somewhere
  9. Lots of rumours about the Ricoh 2nd June going around today. Any updates Neil?
  10. Has any one any experience of LD tickets? Are they worth the risk? Or is it guaranteed you'll just get seats at the back/worst available on the day?
  11. Just checked my junk - had a mail of AM asking to update my details for upcoming tours and what continent i need pre-sale info for. Something coming???
  12. On the IORR website they still have a Birmingham date "rumoured". Not sure how viable there info is in comparison to yours? https://iorr.org/tour18/
  13. Whats the chances of this Birmingham date being announced? Can't do mid-week in Manchester/London
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