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  1. VolumetricFox

    Site Visit 23/2/18

    Great pics and good to hear about the improvements. Cockmill Lane is for bridge repair apparently. https://roadworks.org/?tmi=2609638
  2. VolumetricFox

    Glastonbury evolves

    No idea, I guess we'll find out in May what its like, anyone's guess if/how they bring it to Glasto.
  3. VolumetricFox

    Glastonbury evolves

    Wouldn't be surprised if the new Arcadia thing is bringing along their new indoor blacked out venue - 5000 capacity they posted on their Facebook, its getting its first outing at their event in May.
  4. VolumetricFox

    Boomtown 2018

    (oldish) Tweet from Boomtowns head of music.
  5. VolumetricFox

    Boomtown 2018

    They're after a set build manager working from Bristol: http://www.artsjobs.org.uk/arts-job/post/set-build-manager-freelance-project-based-contract/Paid (£25k-30k pro rata)
  6. VolumetricFox

    One Love @ Glastonbury

    As you say Bruton is not Glastonbury. Either a dodgy or clever press release depending on your thinking. https://onelovefestival.co.uk/one-love-fesitival-location/ Actual location: Gilcombe Farm, Bruton (Nr Glastonbury), Somerset, BA10 0QE Same location as the Field Trip festival was this year.
  7. VolumetricFox

    GCSE Graphics: Stakeholder survey

    Done, this is a better put together survey than we often see from the people doing Degrees in Event Management!
  8. VolumetricFox


    Tipi and a marquee on the webcam. No the site though just up on another bit of farmland.
  9. VolumetricFox

    Pilton party

  10. VolumetricFox


    Tents going up for the Pilton party on Friday night.
  11. VolumetricFox


    They are there, just on server 4. So the link is: https://panodata4.panomax.com/cams/879/2017/06/24/10-00-00_default.jpg
  12. VolumetricFox


    Switch server to https://panodata4.panomax.com/cams/879/2017/05/11/18-20-00_default.jpg and it picks it up again. Going back to 2016 the same trick is needed. just try panodata1 through to panodata5
  13. VolumetricFox


  14. VolumetricFox

    The best place to **** was ****

    I didn't record much video (BBC kind of had that covered) but one thing I did do was just capture sat on the grass doing nothing between acts, watching the festival go by. I think this may be on a loop next June. I'd say nothing happens in the video, but turns out there's loads of little things.
  15. VolumetricFox


    Recorded this year. Should have brought a bigger mallet. About 10 minutes after this, this finely dressed fellow proposed to his partner (missed recording that) which she accepted.