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  1. (oldish) Tweet from Boomtowns head of music.
  2. They're after a set build manager working from Bristol: http://www.artsjobs.org.uk/arts-job/post/set-build-manager-freelance-project-based-contract/Paid (£25k-30k pro rata)
  3. VolumetricFox


    Tipi and a marquee on the webcam. No the site though just up on another bit of farmland.
  4. VolumetricFox


    Tents going up for the Pilton party on Friday night.
  5. VolumetricFox


    They are there, just on server 4. So the link is: https://panodata4.panomax.com/cams/879/2017/06/24/10-00-00_default.jpg
  6. VolumetricFox


    Switch server to https://panodata4.panomax.com/cams/879/2017/05/11/18-20-00_default.jpg and it picks it up again. Going back to 2016 the same trick is needed. just try panodata1 through to panodata5
  7. VolumetricFox


    REPOSTING SOME OLD PHOTOS - DON'T FREAK OUT Just a reminder of the odd square thing that they were playing around with on the 12th May (A whole month ago!) so keep your eyes open for a reappearance.
  8. VolumetricFox


    Beat hotel sign is visible now. Also the size of the bonfires for Wednesday night - huge !
  9. VolumetricFox


    Waterfight ! Or Michael's really be holding that one in.
  10. "Riemann P20" the factor 30 spray version. Apply once in the morning and does you right the whole day. Takes a good 5 minutes to dry but not having to think about it the rest of the day is ideal.
  11. VolumetricFox


    Not sure that the brown is looks like woodchip being put down to the right of the pyramid too prepare the ground for something ?
  12. VolumetricFox


    Ah, now the JP tent appears to be going up and its not just flags this time.
  13. VolumetricFox


    I see flags for the top of John Peel now. That will block our view of Pylon/Darble pretty soon.
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