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  1. I'm not sure if these are pertinent recommendations but I can tell you how my taste for their music grew : I started with the live versions on YouTube (Bonnaroo, Best Kept Secret, Northside...) of Lost In The Dream album songs : An Ocean In Between The Waves, which is their most energical song, with a powerful guitar solo and sax sound, Eyes To The Wind, Red Eyes, Burning, Under The Pressure... After that, A Deeper Understanding is a magnificent album (don't forget to listen to the live versions as well, like Corona Capital or Pukkelpop) , which makes a perfect transition with the last album. The new album is more dreamy, more quiet, and gorgeous, Living Proof is jewelry. (the first songs by the band were with Kurt Vile, so not exactly the same sound that the Granduciel's area on vocals, though they still play songs like Baby Missiles or Buenos Aires Beach which is a treasure)
  2. Imo they don't need any replacement. Just put The War On Drugs as sub for Muse and that's perfect...
  3. According to Zegut, Pearl Jam postpones tour to 2021.
  4. Good to know, I don't know much about them! (my GF is a fan, so I hope she won't be disappointed :p )
  5. Genesis who could announce reunion tomorrow... Without Peter. Phil, Tony and Mike; Likely announcement on BBC2 tomorrow
  6. With RATM touring at the end of the summer, it comforts me in the idea that Rock Werchter still has one super huge (rock) act to be announced, closing the fest. + Foo Fighters announced new dates in Europe today, in June...
  7. Are you kidding ? SOAD were splendid but Linkin Park's crowd was mental Maybe Thom Yorke isn't the Barn headliner and they're waiting for another big name like Massive Attack
  8. Any chance for Catfish and The Bottlemen ?
  9. They were coheadlining with Linkin Park 3 years ago
  10. With all those big names, I doubt that System of a Down is the headliner on Sunday.... Foo Fighters 25 ?
  11. From BKS announcement this morning, I'm hoping for Catfish and The Bottlemen, Amyl and the Sniffers, Tropical Fuck Storm and The Milk Carton Kids !
  12. I'd love Pearl Jam - The National - Massive Attack Foo Fighters - Tame Impala - Volbeat Kendrick Lamar - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Faith No More Guns'n'Roses - System of a Down
  13. What about AC/DC? (PS : Foo Fighters please)
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