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  1. The National subreddit has had a couple of posts about it, might be nothing but there seems to be a few people with good info on there so I think it's probably being planned at least.
  2. Apparently the National are still bringing their festival back to Cincinnati next May, so there's at least that after their tour ends at the moment. That could mean there's a few more dates (I'm still sure they'll play a proper London gig, despite knowing there's no reason for them to), but at the same time playing their own festival would be a nice way to end the tour/go on a break for a while.
  3. Was that the side Matt came to during Graceless? Think you must have been near me, maybe that was the one good spot.
  4. Power got shut off at 10:30 on the dot, but powered through with Vanderlyle anyway even though all you could hear was the horns. I thought it was a nice moment, but would probably depend on how well people around knew the words
  5. That was incredible. Could be my favourite show ever. That run of Green Gloves, All The Wine, Apartment Story, Day I Die and Pink Rabbits was sublime. Crowd was pretty good where I was, and close enough to speakers to drown them out anyway. In the station home a couple of other people seemed underwhelmed which is a shame because it was the best time I've seen them out of 5
  6. Gail Ann Dorsey has said she's playing the Manchester & London shows, which is cool. Means you can guess the set a bit easier, but she's by far the best vocalist on the record so I'm looking forward to it.
  7. Yeah looks like it's just when sold out, but only wanting a standard one so think I'll hold off until the payment plans start and have a firmer idea of my plans. Think with Pavement's exclusivity and being 20 years it probably will sell out anyway, but better to be safe I guess
  8. Might have been asked or be obvious, but are you able to resell if the lineup isn't up to scratch? About to impulse buy one but don't want to risk being stuck if something comes up. Presume you can but the wristbands being shipped in advance is giving me pause
  9. A 26 song set too! Might end up following them around for their December tour the way it's going
  10. Just seen on facebook that Adia Victoria is the support for Castlefield How long of a slot do headliners usually get for those shows? The only disappointing setlist I've seen from this tour has been the Bonnaroo one, so hoping it's longer than just 90 minutes
  11. Got that too, looked at my booking confirmation and that says 6pm too so not sure why they've sent the email out -- maybe there's another time on the printed tickets I don't know
  12. Thought Bon Iver was pretty good, no problems with talkers and the sound was great where I was but it did feel a bit flat (apart from Blood Bank and Skinny Love). Enjoyed it and would see him again but not sold on his style being a festival choice. Got to Ezra Furman a bit late but great as usual and John Grant was a nice surprise
  13. Primavera Porto & Barcelona are their only two shows in 2020 apparently That seems crazy exclusivity but for Primavera's audience it's pretty much perfect
  14. On the otherside says this and Porto will be their only two shows for 2020. Might as well book the flight now
  15. mynameismatt

    TBAs 2019

    Jarvis Cocker could be one of the Park slots? Thought he was a dead cert for it, and would go down pretty well I'd have thought, although maybe his solo stuff isn't that big of a draw
  16. Asked in the other thread but I'll just swallow my pride, if you can get a Bon Iver code then I'd be very grateful (im only looking for one ticket)
  17. a bit desperate, but if anyone with O2 can grab us one for the Bon Iver day then I'd be very grateful
  18. Two-for-one tickets for Christine, BMTH, Mumford and Bon Iver. Let's say it was a friend who found the offer on Tinder https://www.axs.com/uk/series/8855/tinder-2-for-1-offer-tickets?skin=allpointseast
  19. I didn't want to be negative, but I think the inconsistency from me comes from the fact that Her Father In The Pool breaks up a four song run that I love, and the cover during the last minute of Not In Kansas is a bit self indulgent in my opinion. The interludes are obviously short but they come at the worst times really. Also never really got the hype about Light Years but I'm missing something there compared to everyone else. It is probably my favourite since Boxer don't get me wrong but just think there's some pretty strange decisions.
  20. Definitely prefer it over Sleep Well Beast. Think it's their most inconsistent album though and if they narrowed it down to ten tracks it could probably stand alongside any of their others but it drags on a little. Quiet Light/So Far So Fast/YHYSWY/Where Is Her Head are the standouts for me
  21. Just seen while the gig was on, the French station played out their gig from Monday night, so there's good quality versions of pretty much the first set tonight (minus So Far So Fast, which was probably my favourite). Might not want to ruin it too much by listening to live versions but the downloads here; https://send.firefox.com/download/0f13e112dfa7fd79/#cJ_pgdOrC7oKtEwdy4AzSw
  22. Not sure I really got the film, but it looked really good at least. Wish they'd have skipped the Q&A (or just stopped it after Edith Bowman's questions) and left room for a couple more songs. The show was great though, already a bit familiar after the videos this week but no real duds and a few proper standouts. I don't really know how to describe it because it's not a radical departure but a lot of it is already giving me a better feeling SWB did. Also didn't really suffer from hearing so many new songs which is probably a good sign (only really began to lag after Hairpin Turns, a song I actually like), but then they played Rylan and it all lifted off. If you went you'd probably feel pretty happy about it because they were on good form, but for those who are going Castlefield/Glasgow instead, there wasn't really anything you missed out on
  23. If they waste one of the 4-non-new slots on Rains of Castamere I'll be the guy booing from the balcony. They do have a (another) new song on the Game of Thrones album coming out next week, I guess there's an outside chance of that but I can't see it.
  24. Paris setlist; I never got the Bloodbuzz or Guilty Party hype so could do with those being swapped out on Thursday (I reckon Bloodbuzz will be swapped for England because even though it's extremely on the nose they've played it every time i've seen them so far) but I guess the first 11 and Fake Empire will remain the same as is.
  25. Gutted they've deleted the video from last night. Watched it a couple of times but closed the app and lost it, but sounded really good. Oblivions was intriguing, I liked the new version of Pull of You/Sometimes I Don't Think, and Hey Rosey and Quiet Light sounded great. Feel like I'm finally starting to look forward to Thursday now
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