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  1. https://shop.americanmary.com/iaetf/tn050047-the-national-i-am-easy-to-find-deluxe-3-12-vinyl/
  2. Oh yeah if they played it live then that would be great. I've just seen that the film is 24 minutes, so won't make too much impact either way really because I was expecting it to be twice that. But yeah expect the new album in full then the classics. Although i'm never sure on bands playing loads of new songs in a row (like they did at Glastonbury), no matter how good they are, so 17 in a row would be a stretch. But i guess there won't be many casual fans and it's all seated, so they could probably pull it off
  3. Also announced a European tour that begins in Poland on the 25th November. So I'd imagine UK dates will slide in before those, but won't be announced for a while yet because of the London & Glasgow shows. I'll be honest, I'm intrigued but hoping that the film won't be shown as part of the 'special' shows, but I can kinda see it.
  4. Yeah the best version of it is the KEXP one. Sounds weird hearing a studio version after so long of live recordings
  5. The rumour was supposedly for today and, according to a group I'm in, there's an announcement for "an exciting band" on SiriusXM at 3:45pm our time, which is apparently where they've released things before and EL-VY debuted. It still seems a stretch imo, so don't shoot the messenger.
  6. managed to get through as well! Front of the balcony and a student discount got £10 off so pretty good all round @Hugh Jass thanks for the notice about the 45 minute window!
  7. I'm only looking for one though in any section and Ticketmaster still won't let me get anything, so not sure where those tickets are
  8. Was only 109 in the queue and by the time I got through it's saying sold out. Which isn't great. Should say that when Florence played there last year tickets kept being returned and managed to get mine on the day-of, so hope's not completely lost yet
  9. Similarly I only need one ticket so if anyone is going on their own and using a code and doesn't mind letting me tag along, give us a shout
  10. Just announced a couple of 'An Evening With The National...' events, including London on April 18th Maybe it'll be the new music being premiered which is why it's got a weird billing? I'll get in early asking for spare presale links
  11. yeah I was going to hold off joining the queue, but if anyone's still sending the link around then i'd be v grateful too
  12. Yeah but don't think he's headlined a festival either? Think he played the second stage at Rock Wertcher, so reckon it's not impossible. Like I say it was a great show and I hope I'm wrong and he'll be there but can't see it as a headliner anyway.
  13. Went to see David Byrne tonight at the O2 and the top tier wasn't even open and the corners/back seemed quite patchy so can't see him headlining any day if the capacity is 40,000. Obviously the show was as good as everyone's saying and maybe a good undercard will get people in, so hopefully I'm wrong but it did surprise me that so much was closed.
  14. I really liked the Talking Heads cover (Heaven) but didn't seem to go down that well. Don't understand why you'd put a cover in instead of Mr November/anything from Alligator but there you go. Still, very glad to hear Graceless and About Today, so overall pretty pleased.
  15. My printed Ally Pally tickets says the least booker must present ID, don't know if they'll actually ask but think it'll be the same for all the dates.
  16. ah Consequence must have updated the article to swap out the Beats 1 link, it's here instead https://itunes.apple.com/us/post/idsa.d619ea60-7c50-11e7-aca0-245faf15f654
  17. It's up here https://consequenceofsound.net/2017/08/the-national-share-new-single-carin-at-the-liquor-store-stream/ In the interview Aaron mentions that some of the band thought they might have messed up at Glastonbury by playing so many new songs which was interesting. The song is great too, obviously. edit: full version
  18. ah right oops I'd missed that. Fair enough then, it was just that I was surprised that I was offered them then.
  19. I got the option of swapping my seated tickets for whatever front standing is (from Sandbag), so I don't think that it's a new section just a weird name for general standing. Probably be clearer when the extra tickets go on sale, but I doubt they'd stop people getting close just because an email didn't come through in time.
  20. Manchester Arena shows cancelled, playing Old Trafford cricket ground 4th July instead
  21. A secret set would give Kendrick a chance to properly promote Damn. over here, test the waters for a headline set in 2019 and can finally fit a couple of UK shows around it. Perfect. I mean there's no way it's happening, but if we're dreaming then that'd be my choice.
  22. I can't really see them dropping an album out of the blue, if only because their label is in the middle of promoting Bryce and Sufjan's Planetarium to pretty much the same audience and a new National album would completely overshadow it. I hope I'm wrong but I'm thinking there'll be a single soon, then an album August/September
  23. if you use a VPN then American Dream is already on Youtube... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_RyiuubGQo
  24. Looks like 6music will be playing at after 6pm, not sure if Virgin will be before that or not.
  25. Kind of based off a general order and probably some flaws, but I don't think it's unreasonable and I'd be v happy with this. Don't Swallow the Cap Mistaken for Strangers I Should Live in Salt Bloodbuzz New Song #1 Sea of Love Graceless Abel England Fake Empire Apartment Story Pink Rabbits New Song #2 Terrible Love Mr November Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks
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