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  1. It's a whole new team. The Maraworld office has closed, and so I've been told it's a complete overhaul. My concern is if they have the contacts, pulling power and €€€'s to bring it back to a standard Benicassim line up. I guess we'll find out over the next 6-9 months.
  2. Most people don't book up any accommodation or flights until the back end of the year, or start of the year at the earliest, so I think a ticket launch for October combined 1 x decent main headliner (with half a dozen support acts), would get people buying tickets again. With this years poorer line up, together with there being no confirmation of dates or early birds, then as we all know they've well and truly lost the loyalty for people committing to going without any idea of line up. For 2020, they have to have at least 3 of the 4 headliners announced by January, plus half of the full line-up (and a decent one at that - much better than 2019), if they want to get back to numbers of 2016/2017/2018.
  3. From what I've heard, the deal has already been done for The Music Republic to take over operating FIB from 2020, and a new team will be in place to run the festival from their offices in Valencia, from the start of Sept. Likelihood is that it will take place at the same site in Benicassim, and over the same weekend as usual, so 16th-19th July 2020, but that tickets won't be going on sale until Sep/Oct time, following an announcement next month confirming dates. The new owners seem to be more than aware that the success of high attendee numbers at FIB is to have 50% from UK/IRE, so 25,000, and brining the right bands/acts in to appeal to them. I think they are hoping to combine the feel of an International festival (acts & attendees), with the success they have in arranging the numerous domestic festivals, all of which sell out way in advance every year. It's a different style of festival, and attracts a complete different pundit, but Arenal Sound sold out over 50,000 tickets in a day when last weekends event went on sale. The big Q, for me, is what clout the Sanchez brothers will have in bringing in the big headline act each year (such as Muse, RHCP, Killers, KOL), now that ties with the likes of Melvin Benn/Denis Desmond/Vince Power have been severed moving forwards. The big festival game is pretty much a monopoly these days, especially in Europe, with the likes of Benn's Festival Republic/Live Nation, having much more pulling power than the likes of the Sanchez boys. Assuming the festival is going ahead then, what set of headliners would do the business in bringing in the punters from UK/IRE and Spain next July??? I think The Cure, Tame Impala, Stormzy & Noel Gallagher would get tickets moving, if all announced early enough.
  4. Slight change of furniture this year. 2nd stage (Carrefour) is actually where South Beach dance stage has been the last couple of years, but they're removing the BIG bar area from between stage and pool party, opening it all up, so this area will be a lot bigger than in recent years
  5. Capacity for main stage is 30k, second stage is 15k, and third stage is 8k.
  6. I always prefer to look at the Clashfinder, and I think this is correct; https://clashfinder.com/s/fib19
  7. It's quite funny, as we've all been slagging the line up for months, and I've just been speaking to someone this morning, gone through the line up with them, and they couldn't believe how good it was!!! Still the worst in 8 years of going, but I'm past worrying about it. There's still about 15 acts I'm looking forward to seeing over the weekend, and looking forward to have a bit more time to wonder around and discover some new artists, compared to the past 2 years, where it's been 20-25, more clashes/overlaps/etc.... Up the FIB!!!! ?
  8. Yeah, previously South Beach Dance Stage - decent size - and 1 tree for shade/meeting point!
  9. The set times for Benicassim are only ever released about 10-14 days prior to the festival starting, so I'd imagine they will be announced at the start of next week. As the above posters have said, it's a very well oiled machine from when the doors open at 6pm on Thursday night, until they close at 6am Monday, but the lead-up is a bit more Spanish (relaxed) compared to UK festivals (the likes of set-times, maps, bus routes, etc.....)
  10. An alternative, and updated this week with actual set times, Clashfinder here; https://clashfinder.com/s/fib2019
  11. Who's still actually going??? Roll call time!!! ?‍♂️
  12. Someone's done a Clashfinder here - lots of TBA's!!! I think they need to remove a stage. As always, this far in advance take with a pinch of salt, and wait until a bit nearer the time; https://clashfinder.com/s/fib19/ P.s. how depressing does it look, and how shit is Thu & Sun!!!
  13. 0.99c for a 1.5L plastic bottle of Conde Noble (own brand) Sangria, from LIDL in Benicassim, the last couple of years!!!
  14. Smacks of a serious shortage of €€€'s, which has been reported in the Spanish press over the past 9 months, and all on the back of the festival folding due to further financial problems around 5 years ago, before Melvin Benn bailed out his old mate Vince Power. Definitely the crappiest line up over the 8 years I've been going. Will also be the last time I buy early birds and book hotel/flights, in advance of seeing what the line up is (if there are any future FIB's after this).
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