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  1. Who's still actually going??? Roll call time!!! 🙋‍♂️
  2. Someone's done a Clashfinder here - lots of TBA's!!! I think they need to remove a stage. As always, this far in advance take with a pinch of salt, and wait until a bit nearer the time; https://clashfinder.com/s/fib19/ P.s. how depressing does it look, and how shit is Thu & Sun!!!
  3. 0.99c for a 1.5L plastic bottle of Conde Noble (own brand) Sangria, from LIDL in Benicassim, the last couple of years!!!
  4. Smacks of a serious shortage of €€€'s, which has been reported in the Spanish press over the past 9 months, and all on the back of the festival folding due to further financial problems around 5 years ago, before Melvin Benn bailed out his old mate Vince Power. Definitely the crappiest line up over the 8 years I've been going. Will also be the last time I buy early birds and book hotel/flights, in advance of seeing what the line up is (if there are any future FIB's after this).
  5. Fontaines DC recently supported Idles - a decent addition - you'll like them Ged, I reckon
  6. Fontaines DC (decent band). Action Branson (never heard of)
  7. A taxi's in the region of a ton, from Valencia to Bencassim, but if there's a few of you, still probably cheaper than staying in Valencia overnight
  8. South Beach pool party's gonna be very busy this year!!!
  9. No rush - one of the last things you need to purchase, so worry about other costs/expenses between now and early July
  10. Nah, they're very frequent during the day. Like every 10-15 mins.
  11. Yes, get the 1 week bus pass. Campfest to beach is about 45 minute walk, in 30C heat. It'll be one of the best purchases of your week.
  12. I'd say extremely unlikely, especially if they're in Spain/Portugal the weekend before FIB, and in Cheshire/France on 19th and 21st. It's a shame, as I'd like to see Hot Chip at Beni. Loyle Carner and DMA's are still a possibility though, and that would be 2 acts who I'd be happy to play this year.
  13. Na, I think you're clutching I'm afraid. They need to shift tickets, and soon, but I think they are working hard behind the scenes to pull in some decent acts to kick-start late ticket sales, after the awful reaction to recent announcements. They've got some work to do though, to get it anywhere close to recent years, especially with the big things promised for the 25th edition! Time is running out for them now. Could be the worst line up ever, and the end of the festival as we know it, unless they make some serious announcements, incl. a joint headliner for both Thu & Sun nights, and some serious (after headliner) late night Dance/Electronic sets on Fri/Sat.
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