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  1. Is the queue running along the back of the main stage the wristband queue or the queue to get in?
  2. Hey guys. Just a little question about Madrid. Arriving on Monday night and looking for some good nightlife. From the UK, staying in the city centre. Just looking for any good clubs/late night bars that will be good Monday-Wednesday. Cheers. Ps. About the festival itself. How easy is it to get food/drinks into the arena? Will you be okay with it in a bag or would you have to be a bit more subtle about it(if that would be any good)
  3. Looking for some quick advice. Got some decent deals for hotels at the moment, there's 2 in tetuan, 1 in carabanchel and one in the centre. I imagine transport in the centre will be fine but what about Tetuan and Carabanchel? For getting to and from the festival and also into the centre of town? Will there be night buses that run to either of these locations? Either by Mad Cool or just general public transport. Thanks in advance
  4. Trying to budget for this. What price are pints/food etc. Also are you able to bring in your own food/drinks? I'm staying at an airport Hotel. How easy is it to get there from the site? Will there be shuttles running? Or would I have to get a taxi?
  5. Hey guys. I was looking at buying 2 tickets for the weekend. Obviously with the package sold out, I have to buy the days separately. However this adds around £90 to the price, with individual booking fees. Is there any alternate sites that may be more forgiving? Help out a skint student
  6. Excellent line up! Definitely thinking of heading down for this one. Quick question.. Does anyone know if there might be another gig announced for the Sunday?(I know LG is the Friday) Just for booking hotels as may attend another gig if it appealed. Cheers
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