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  1. Combi: check! Vouchers for ...beers: check! FFWD to 15/08 please!! 😜
  2. I'm not into hiphop but Anderson Paak's performance last year at Rock Wechter was outstanding!!
  3. If Sarah sees it as a surprise ... It'll be something crappy (for me) 😟 You think she knows that Foo Fighters is a (rock)band? Probably never even heard of them 😜 I'm not getting excited if she is. (More than) happy with what is announced so far. A few more interesting additions and I'm all-in again!
  4. @visdave34 you're right (this timeπŸ˜‰)! checked it again, on their insta-story yesterday, 3 posts: Amelie Lens, Sigma and Stephan Bodzin. An then their last post: "...and 26 more dance floor killers." Added up makes 29 names they announced yesterday. so, "more tomorrow at four" doesn't refer to dancefloorkillers, and Ddave will get his indie-names today!
  5. The last pkp-message yesterday on instagram: "...and 26 dancefloor killers tomorrow at four". That doesn't sound "indie" πŸ˜‰ Patience Dave!
  6. Same here! Excited!!! Starting to look a bit like pkp2017 all over. Didn't / don't know where to run to first?! 😝
  7. don't feel bad. it had to happen some time...πŸ˜‰ same feeling. "Pop"...not my cup of tea but will end up seeing a few
  8. you were saying? 😜
  9. that makes more sense indeed πŸ˜‰
  10. martin solveig, jorja smith, anne-marie, de jeugd van tegenwoordig,... instagram clues
  11. I second that. I attend both festivals during the entire weekends. At Werchter: if you want to see something in the tents (Barn Or Klub C)...you have to make sure you enter on time. Chances are you won't get in at or after the concert started. Even more so... If it's packed and you leave to take a piss or a beer...It's possible you won't be able to re-enter again. Which happened to me several times the past years, and find that stressfull/annoying at times. When it's a sold out day at werchter, especially on saturday, it takes about 20 minutes to cover the distance from main to Barn. At Pukkelpop: you can "always" (re-)enter the tents/stages, which is much more relaxing. Their are more stages at pukkelpop but the distance in between Main and Dancehall (furthest distance) can be crossed easily on 5 / 10 minutes. And I'm 43 πŸ˜‰, and feel perfectly at ease in between all the youngsters at PKP. Both festivals are easy to enter. Pukkelpop has finally found a solution to that problem since last year by checking in (getting your wristband) at the other side of the road.
  12. "Welcoming Rising star Billie...." She's got one "hit". If we're getting this kind of names at this moment....Doesn't really look promising again πŸ˜’
  13. PKP will announce 2 more tomorrow and 2 more on friday. So no RW-names this week. And next week PKP-batches spread over several days. Which makes it very unlikely that RW will do the same, unless PKP stops announcing on f.a. wednesday. In that case RW could still give us names on Friday. Makes more sense to wait a bit and release a strong selection of names ("bigger, stronger than last friday's batch) one week later.
  14. yes, Tame Impala announced as PKP-headliner...means they're 100% ruled out for RW.
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