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  1. Writing some new material for the next release with the aid of my mate Sauvignan :) https://t.co/bMCWaUxM8v

  2. Thanks for all your messages and here is the link for the 2017 Summer Solstice at Stonehendge - Hope to see you... https://t.co/BVYEP71dvD

  3. https://t.co/fOQQcWG7VV

  4. Have a listen to LOCKIN's newest releases, "You Are My World" and "The Lizard" free on Sound Cloud :) x... https://t.co/AbH5mtUrBB

  5. LOCKIN have launched some new sounds: The Lizard https://t.co/xcXkhmzFeI on #SoundCloud

  6. WIN an Original Song Script from LOCKIN https://t.co/wdB4lOoSRn

  7. Posted a new song: "The Lizard" https://t.co/7ciyUT2dW1 https://t.co/LKs9gDdq7x

  8. Great weekend on the Lizard for our final festival of the Summer - Be cool to play for you next year x Little Big... /1j7VdLRpZr


    LOCKIN Festivals

    Hi All, LOCKIN are seek festivals for the coming season. You can listen to some of their tracks and contact the band through their website www.LockinBand.com or via their facebook page www.facebook.com/lockinband Thanks for sharing the luv and hope to hear from you. LOCKIN x