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  1. Michaels denim shorts


    I will fully admit I’m not even 100% sure what I heard was right. Il tell you after an announcement. I don’t know Mark, I’ve met him a few times.. but I do know a couple of the others & have worked/been around backstage @ the last 8 festivals (with possibly the odd gap year) the guy who I spoke to is more to do with the house/land than the band 👍 so we’ll see
  2. Michaels denim shorts


    I honestly thought we were a day or 2 away from an announcement or I would have said nothing 😳
  3. Michaels denim shorts

    Worst Headliner?

    Much the same for me, I saw them at Milton Keynes bowl a few years back and somewhere else way back in the day + Glastonbury & I didn’t make it through even the first half last year. Too much dave
  4. Michaels denim shorts


    Very soon mate. Sorry I didn’t ask a date, I was under the impression many people have known for a while, I imagine this week
  5. Michaels denim shorts


    I know who this is now, but im sworn to secrecy/(don’t wanna look like a dick) if I was lied to by someone pretty high up in BDs fame so please don’t ask 😋
  6. Michaels denim shorts

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Just got back from my first time too. i was in crew camping, and backstage @ the convoy cabaret which was slightly easier to get into on Thursday. It did look a bit of a shambles for standard campervans. I enjoyed it, it’s a nice little festival. The woodlands is a great spot & everything is within easy walking distance. Minor niggles, Crew camping could have put the toilets at the same end of the field as the water point. It was a mission to wash your hands after.. & why not have the box office wristband collection in the same field instead of forcing everyone to queue together then crew having to drive back out against the incoming traffic to go to a field across the road. Only added to the queue times We found it to be a little flat at times, it was friendly enough but people generally didn’t seem quite so up for a party as other festivals. Maybe that’s just a northern thing i think it would be a good one to take my kids to at some point, il probably be back again next year if I can blag a artist entry again im off for a shower
  7. Michaels denim shorts

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Dorset, I know it’s an odd time, i didn’t arrange it I’m just doing what I’m told. I think it was either stay up and leave late or go to bed and get up at 4-5 anyway to add, we are performers/crew so unsure if we’ll be able to get in earlier, but I’m guessing it’ll be ok
  8. Michaels denim shorts

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Setting off at the unholy hour of 3am tomorrow morning. I should probably pack up some stuff
  9. Probably a bit early and i couldn’t find the specific alcohol thread but this is the bargain of the year for a rum drinker like me 70cl standard size Morgan’s spiced @ Iceland going at £7.25 in Dorset, cleaned out my locals. Also bells whiskey at the same price 👍
  10. Michaels denim shorts

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Nah, I believe we’re roadies for some band ive never heard of
  11. Michaels denim shorts

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Bagged a performers ticket for this yesterday. Heard good things, looking forward to it 😁
  12. Michaels denim shorts


    what about Roger Daltrey? Just a thought
  13. Michaels denim shorts

    Visiting the farm in 2018

    I went for a stroll on Saturday last week, & also saw Michael as we arrived. Where was the pit & rubbish? We covered most of the a site & the only pit I can think of was in the wood, but it wasn’t messy
  14. Michaels denim shorts


    Much the same here, hoping it’s not PIL but it probably will be BDs tend to have frequent repeat acts
  15. Michaels denim shorts

    Visiting the farm in 2018

    They just need to upgrade their plugin it’s nothing you are doing wrong I’m planning a site visit tomorrow