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  1. Given the context etc not rolling them over isn’t the biggest deal in the world but doesn’t seem that fair. I think you should at least have the option for tickets for 2021
  2. I'm not a fan but that's a big booking for The Park. Could see Primal Scream as another one of the headliners now.
  3. willd255

    2020 headliners

    This was my thinking, they do seem to have good intel when it comes to headliners. Makes me think it's possible something has changed recently
  4. willd255

    2020 headliners

    Interesting ... odds Kendrick has dropped out?
  5. Does anyone know if they still do day tickets? Can see Weekend tickets, do day ones go on sale later or have they scrapped them?
  6. Clearly being overworked, feel sorry for the guy. Watch his Instagram video he’s gutted
  7. https://www.nme.com/news/music/michael-eavis-reveals-when-next-glastonbury-2020-headliner-will-be-announced-2586158
  8. Please god get Phoebe to the Park Stage
  9. Also anyone stayde in West Campervans before? How long is the walk to/from the Park area? And do you need to show your ticket each time you come in and out?
  10. Anyone know if Sticklinch will have same facilities as WV? Think we're going for a 4 man bell tent
  11. I also got a ticket but definitely think that the site struggled worse than other years. Didn't even see a holding page on the coach sale. Got through on one laptop at 9.03 this morn but didn't see a holding page on 3 other devices when trying for others after. In previous years I was at least seeing holding pages on every device even if not getting through to booking. Seemed to be crashing far more this year than any year previous
  12. willd255

    2020 headliners

    One who I think is possible who's not been mentioned - Dua Lipa
  13. He absolutely smashed it - no debate
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