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  1. Oh don't get me wrong, I will be delighted if I'm proved wrong on that! I'm just not (currently) convinced! Regardless of the date though, my favorite festival keeps our money and we will return to those particular fields as and when we can!
  2. Placebo are a great booking! I shall look forward to seeing them.....next year in May! (sadly...)
  3. Aye, we rolled over two festivals this year, BT and Doune The Rabbit Hole (our local one). DTRH is in July and I'm thinking that that 'may' be a possibility. I've not bought any gig tickets for the first part of next year, although I'm getting tempted for some recently announced Autumn ones....(Arab Strap in the Barra's being particularly tempting....) Fingers crossed and all that!
  4. I'm a little more pessimistic in that I suspect that May will still be too early... I'm starting to think (hope) that gigs will be back by the autumn (although I think initially it will be very weird and the crowds potentially very nervous), and maybe some festivals running by the summer! I guess the big one that we are probably all watching out for is what the Eavis's decide re Glastonbury! Interesting to see from Rich that there is a potential standby date...
  5. So, seeing as this looks like all we are likely to get for the foreseeable future.....anyone have any personal reviews? The format certainly isn't to my preference....but.....if it can help to keep some of the industry alive...
  6. Assuming that you mean Bearded as opposed to Beardy Folk, which posts do you mean? (I tend to see it as the opposite if I'm honest). More pointedly, you don't have to look too much between the lines of their official posts via Facebook, to see (in my eyes anyway) that they not only pretty much say no to this year, but throw quite a bit of doubt on next years date as well (ie possibly later than May). Sorry, not trying to sound grumpy, but I just cant see it.... also, I should have woken up in a different field this morning (Doune The Rabbit Hole) for my birthday....so I probably am....bah
  7. Aye, they've been hinting that this is (likely) the case for a while now. I'm kind of expecting that it'll be September 21....decision by the end of July in any case, so not long to find out I guess. Excellent coms as ever from the BT team! Then a long wait for another event that we've paid for a year - 2 years in advance! Bloody rubbish isn't it...ugh! 🙄😒
  8. Aye, Belladrum put out a post yesterday saying that although they are holding on for the moment, that they are expecting to have to cancel! We have tickets for Doune the rabbit hole..... I'll be astonished if that goes ahead..... ☹️
  9. Unfortunately, I'm fairly certain that this year is likely to be a total right-off....depressing, but I suspect realistic! I will of course be delighted to be proved wrong!
  10. Aye, It looks like they moved pretty quickly on it.... I'm guessing that a lot of events will have problems and won't be able to reschedule! I'm certainly not expecting to be in that particular field come May, sadly....
  11. Another announcement a week Monday according to twater! Assuming that this will be Saturday's sub-headliners... Also, it looks like Dr and The Medics are one of the 'secret' Thursday bands!
  12. Saw them at Womad back in the late 90's. For a band with only 2 songs, they were absurdly good! One of those 'really great in a field' bands! Fair play if BT have got them, as they usually play much larger (and expensive) events...
  13. There was also a Cabin in the main parking field for those who are camping.
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