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  1. All paid up! I've never been so excited to eat Raman Noodles for two weeks as I am right now!
  2. Depends who’s playing the wedding I suppose ?
  3. What ever happened to Gambino? He still in play?
  4. dave0h

    2019 Headliners

    Still anticipating the lineup towards the end of the month? Or will that be moved back a little as well? Also - Is there usually a slight heads up, or do they just drop the poster online?
  5. As long as they mail out more wristbands ahead of time, and have more bartenders everything will be great. im sure they learned from last year
  6. There's never too many though!
  7. Hopefully some more names this Friday! Vampire Weekend, Interpol, Thom, the Strokes added would be amazing once the full lineup is out. Dance acts: Chems are top of the list for everyone I'd imagine?
  8. Is it possible another headliner is added to Thursday and Sunday?
  9. Any speculation on remaining undercard or headlining acts you guys? : )
  10. Should I be upset when I miss out on Foals tickets this Friday morning, or will it not be an issue since they'll pop up somewhere at Glasto
  11. dave0h

    2019 Headliners

    I went out for wings and a few pints. Yuuge.
  12. Riiight - Wasn't IOW also one of the contenders? Regardless, sucks they didn't end up on the Roo lineup because I was seriously considering doing that before hopping over to the UK for Glasto. And yay you're also Canadian! 👊
  13. Can anyone here verify that AM indeed did have plans for shows in June? I remember is being MSG, Bonnaroo and a big UK show. Something like that
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