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  1. See you all in Pilton tomorrow - Thank you Michael & Emily :-)
  2. What a fantastic creation - love it (and would buy the T-shirt). Only thing I considered that could be an extra "station" was worthy view - I know its technically outside the site (like CV field etc), but personally I think it has sort of become a "feature" of Glastonbury...... just my take on what is a brilliant creation
  3. I got the 02:00 National Express coach back to London last time and the lady at the gate was checking tickets - I think this was to mainly make sure that all the people who had tickets for the 02:00 had the 1st opportunity to board (she also shouted into the queue asking for people with 02:00 tickets to come forward). Once she was satisfied all the 02:00 people from the queue were boarded, she then allowed the unfilled seats to be filled from the queue.
  4. Would your mum drive down to Glasto and pick you up Friday night and then deliver you back to the festival on Saturday night....... if she wouldn't, then maybe her commitment to having you at the wedding isn't that strong ;-)
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