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  1. Would your mum drive down to Glasto and pick you up Friday night and then deliver you back to the festival on Saturday night....... if she wouldn't, then maybe her commitment to having you at the wedding isn't that strong ;-)
  2. I've been using hanging around the forum for a couple of years, so probably about time I said hi - Hi :-). I did my first Glastonbury in 2010 when my daughter convinced me I should go and I haven't looked back since. This year will be my 4th Glastonbury having missed the last couple as we were unlucky with the ticket sales. I'm travelling solo this year as my planned companions dropped out just before the October tickets went on sale, but I couldn't not try to buy tickets for myself, so I managed to grab a London festival/coach package. I'm very slightly the wrong side of 50, but with 3 Glasto's under my belt, I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new people and exploring lots of new areas. CAN'T WAIT, see you there :-)
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