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Status Updates posted by Padgey

  1. Hi Rumpola, would be interested in purchasing a couple of tickets if you manage to get hold of any.  Keep me updated please.

    1. Cooter


      Hi Jon, would you have any idea of a time schedule of if and when these tix may become available? How soon before the 2016 fest were they available? Ta

    2. rumpola


      Hi Cooter,

      Apologies for the late reply but I haven't been on the forum for a little while.

      I've just sent a text to my contact to see what the score is so I will give you an update as soon as I hear anything. I'll see him at another festival in a few weeks anyway so will collar him then if he doesn't get back to me soon.

      Tbh, normally the crew tickets start getting given out when they start building the stages so you might not physically get your hands on a ticket until a few weeks before the festival but I promise you if he has a few spare then he is as honest as they come and if you agree a price with him the ticket(s) will be yours. You will be able to get crew camping and all the benefits that brings too.

      As soon  as I hear more I will let you know.



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