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  1. Wildcard played already, had to get Haaland in before his price rockets. Also binned Rashford as he's just as useless as last season!
  2. He was buzzing when the final whistle went, it made it sweeter as the night before he was upset saying he wasn't good enough after he'd had 3 days at football camp. Couldn't quite get out of him what it was but the win was just the pick up he needed and he played great all through the tournament. Grandpa?! I didn't think you were that old to be honest. My old man was there watching as well and he was proud as punch.
  3. With that many passes and wristbands do the people on the main gates get a briefing on all the different ones?
  4. Proud Dad moment, my little lad had his first ever football tournament on Saturday where his team won their group winning all 3 games and then went on to win their semi-final and final both 2-1.
  5. Felt great this year, back and forth to the car wasn't an issue and made sure I carried just enough to make the 2km trip from car to the tent. Note to self, plenty of farmers walks in the gym next year again.
  6. Just checked what date it's going to be, couldn't find anything confirmed but suggestions it's going to be 21st-26th June.
  7. Lad in the tent next to us (first timers) says to his mate while unpacking "I've got Sudocrem for any rashes we might get"
  8. I was convinced Laura Whitmore was up at the sign on Thursday only to talk myself out of it thinking she can't be there because she's doing Love Island, then yesterday I saw an article saying she was at the festival.
  9. Padgey


    Chatted with @crazyfool1 at the meet on Wednesday and walked passed you over at the John Peel area on Saturday when Self Esteem was on, was just a quick hello but you were probably thinking who the fuck was that!
  10. Felt like throwing the towel after 2019, the heat and my stressed situation at the time definitely contributed to it. This year I was much more prepared, felt very fit going into the festival and knew I had to hydrate properly and wear a hat on the hot days. Safe to say this years festival restored my love for it. I will be trying for tickets in October, although I didn't get a good response from Mrs P last night when I said that, her 5 days at home with the Mini P's has worn her out so I seriously need to be racking up the brownie points for the next few months!
  11. Just set off and Mik Artistik's new tune was on Radio 6, great start to the journey.
  12. I'm absolutely buzzing, got work to do still then got my mates arriving later today. Happy Christmas Eve everyone!
  13. Padgey


    Site is looking fantastic tonight
  14. Padgey

    Just spoke to M.E

    And confirm next years headliners are already booked!
  15. 6 Music giving away tickets tomorrow, need to be listening all day apparently.
  16. Hopefully a good turnout still. A nice time, not long after Mik finishes on the CN Bandstand.
  17. Padgey


    Yeah was meant to message you back after I'd drank my few boxes, there is a difference but not majorly. Festival Apple is a bit sweeter I think, and I didn't mind it but Mallets was quite bland. We're stuck with the Brothers at the bars but would still prefer Thatchers.
  18. Padgey

    BBC2 9pm

    You spelt cider wrong!
  19. Padgey


    So Brothers Festival Apple isn't that bad, definitely better than Mallets although there is a bit of similarity but the new stuff has a better taste. Bringing a mix of Brothers, Strongbow and the favoured Thatchers, but will also be spending time at the Cider Bus, shame the Thatchers craft cider stand between the Pyramid and T'Other went a few years back.
  20. The Missus put 3 packs of wet wipes next to my stuff, not sure how rotten she thinks my ar5e gets!
  21. Glad this question got asked as I've been away for a couple of weeks and was looking for anything mentioned about a meet up this morning. Will be there again lurking around, had some good chats with people from the forum in the past and will be good to catch up again.
  22. Everything getting done today! Father's Day presents were supplies for the festival, 10 Thatchers, pack of cereal bars and 6 pack of Monster Munch! ❤️
  23. 9 days all-inclusive and lost the remaining pounds to get down to my target weight of 13 1/2 stone, a 1 year old and 5 year old to thank for the 27k average steps a day over the 9 days! Feeling fit, feeling refreshed, Festival ready!
  24. Hung my tent out for it to dry out after Knebworth only for it to piss down while I was at the pub, oh well there always tomorrow!
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