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  1. One of Labour's most known slogan's from the last election campaign was 'Save the NHS'.
  2. Still got two tickets for sale at the early bird price if anyone's interested.
  3. sdvruxk

    2019 New Music

    New Foxygen album out 26th April
  4. Two pre-sale tickets for sale if anyone's after them.
  5. Credit to Wolves really. City were probably unlucky not to come away with 3 points that day but still fair play. They probably deserved their point against us today too from what I saw of it.
  6. It was a joke after the De Gea nonsense last week. Calm down. I don’t think he’ll hit the heights of last season but as people have pointed out already, that’s only to be expected.
  7. He’s had a dip in form/is past his best
  8. In which pretty much the whole Spanish squad underperformed. I understand why people could point to his performances and have a question or two but not to this extent. If he’s still not pulling out exceptional save after exceptional save in a couple of months then fair enough. It’s one WC and 4 PL games - in which he’s still made some exceptional saves. He’s already saved us at least 2 points this season!
  9. I may have misremembered but I’m sure he made an important save or two in the opening 2-1 victory over Leicester. Pretty sure no keeper in the world would have saved the 3 against Spurs. Didn’t see the Brighton match.
  10. One keepers made a mistake, the other has possibly not (I can’t remember all of the shots he’s faced). I’m really not sure what all of this proves so early in the season. You keep referring to a terrible WC for De Gea but you could also say the same for most of that Spanish squad. And the thing about he isn’t playing as well as he used... well it’s 4 games in. Come back in 6 months and discuss whether De Gea is past his best. Also the save rate percentage isn’t the be all and end all. Another stat which in some cases is useless.
  11. Yet Allison has made a more glaring fuck up out of the two.
  12. All this and the assertion DDG has ‘shocking’ distribution. He’d be more than comfortable playing for them. Laughable.
  13. It's not 'shocking' at all. No need for this level of delusion when your teams so far in front of every other team in the league anyway.
  14. He’s now going to come along and say he wouldn’t start for City...
  15. You could say that for a majority of the teams that have played so far. There’s a higher probability that some of the other bigger nations will do so but it’s still all the same.
  16. Your previous post says Lingard missed 4 sitters? They weren’t all from set pieces, were they? Edit - I really don’t care how we get on at the WC but I thought they were alright tonight. Especially if you look at the standard of performance so far. The other teams will probably up their performance more so than England in the coming games but it’s a decent start.
  17. Thanks. What was the price after the early bird?
  18. Any idea on how much the tickets will be? Also, is it easy to sell the tickets on?
  19. All the teams are beatable. Surely they all want to avoid Madrid though? They’re a different beast in this competition as of recently.
  20. That goes without saying, doesn’t it?
  21. Let’s ignore the numpty who is using his phone while driving
  22. Yet it's an improvement on recent years, which is the point of discussion. Is it not?
  23. So they've been better than bang average in this years CL so far? Considering the success in the groups. I'd also argue that United have improved upon last season.
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