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  5. Watched MOTD and not quite sure how Liverpool didn’t nick the game in the final minutes. Couldn’t argue with a draw overall but always thought Liverpool would nick it. At least no one has run away with it around Christmas this year. Liverpool the favourites, undoubtedly. Plenty of teams to press them this year. But again, Man United ahead of them on points since Bruno joined. Got lucky last night but swings and roundabouts with the Leicester game which we should’ve won with the Rashford chances. I think we’ll bottle it but as it stands (based off this year) we’ll be the closest challengers.
  6. With more than half country in Tier 4 now I’m not sure stopping football would do much to stop the spread and surely the positives outweigh the negatives in this case? They’re tested every week anyway. It seems as if the players don’t want it and it also seems as if there’s no need for a stop like there was in March/April.
  7. Van dijk being injured has made the season somewhat interesting. They wouldn’t have dropped points today if he’d have been playing. But at the same time, United have been level on points with them since Bruno arrived. He’s totally transformed us. He’s been involved with over 50% of our PL goals since joining. He’s won us numerous games single handedly. Simply a top class player, it’s been too long now for it to have been a purple patch, surely?! Still think Liverpool will run away with it but United are looking the most likely to pressure them based off current form. The game in mid January will tell a lot - expecting a heavy Liverpool win or a bore draw.
  8. Trafford and Stockport rising rapidly after a (relatively) good few months. Trafford’s my home area so hopefully it’s shut down before it gets out of hand!
  9. Live in the city centre. Saturday was ridiculous. Loads of people in the Arndale without masks. It was an in and out job for me. The most uncomfortable I’ve felt since March.
  10. How much did it cost to send out those letters at the start of this?
  11. And Osborne as the BBC chairman? The United Kingdom = London.
  12. Fuck the Tory c**ts ripping into the North. Nothing new, just a nice reaffirmation. Worst thing is that many people affected by this in the North would probably still vote for Boris and his cronies tomorrow if the chance came about. Fuck them all.
  13. and how did that turn out? this isn’t going to get any traction but it’s still absurd that they’re trying it. £15 to watch a game of football. it’s laughable. never going to happen as much as they may want it to. they couldn’t get people to pay for it in more prime slots.
  14. Printworks is the pits. I’ve not been in a place in Manchester that hasn’t adhered to the rules since the re-opening. I did, however, notice numerous parties taking place in flats.
  15. Who would’ve thought that United getting beat 1-6 wasn’t the most shocking score line of the day? Proof that Liverpool aren’t Bayern (even if it took lewandowski to sort them out)!
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