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  1. How much did it cost to send out those letters at the start of this?
  2. And Osborne as the BBC chairman? The United Kingdom = London.
  3. Fuck the Tory c**ts ripping into the North. Nothing new, just a nice reaffirmation. Worst thing is that many people affected by this in the North would probably still vote for Boris and his cronies tomorrow if the chance came about. Fuck them all.
  4. and how did that turn out? this isn’t going to get any traction but it’s still absurd that they’re trying it. £15 to watch a game of football. it’s laughable. never going to happen as much as they may want it to. they couldn’t get people to pay for it in more prime slots.
  5. Printworks is the pits. I’ve not been in a place in Manchester that hasn’t adhered to the rules since the re-opening. I did, however, notice numerous parties taking place in flats.
  6. Who would’ve thought that United getting beat 1-6 wasn’t the most shocking score line of the day? Proof that Liverpool aren’t Bayern (even if it took lewandowski to sort them out)!
  7. He’s never said so many different words in such a time ever before
  8. And if you’re sat across from this other couple (surely less than 1m if on one table) then what difference is it making? Yes you may touch more things when in a familiar household but if one of the four people has it, chances are four out of four are going to have it by the end of the night, whether that’s at home or in a pub. The only difference is, as pointed out above, is there’s a higher chance of passing it onto someone outside of the four people.
  9. One of Labour's most known slogan's from the last election campaign was 'Save the NHS'.
  10. Still got two tickets for sale at the early bird price if anyone's interested.
  11. Two pre-sale tickets for sale if anyone's after them.
  12. Credit to Wolves really. City were probably unlucky not to come away with 3 points that day but still fair play. They probably deserved their point against us today too from what I saw of it.
  13. It was a joke after the De Gea nonsense last week. Calm down. I don’t think he’ll hit the heights of last season but as people have pointed out already, that’s only to be expected.
  14. He’s had a dip in form/is past his best
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