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  1. 😁 as long as there is no rain it shouldn't be too bad
  2. I'm wearing shorts and leaving in an hour, is it not advisable?
  3. just won 2 tickets for bring me the horizon as well through DICE, if anyone wants them you can have them
  4. Does anyone know how well the BMTH day is selling for this? I’m travelling atm and get back 2 weeks before the gig and want to go but not sure if I should get my tickets soon or not?!? Thanks
  5. TBC could be Major Lazer Sound System
  6. Radiohead headlined Glasto 2017 and also Trnsmt 2017, FWIW Biffy subbed Glasto and headlined TRNSMT 17
  7. Can see where you're coming from but personally haven't seen them before neither have any of my mates who want to see them, reason why is because they were charging near on £50 a gig where at Parklife you can go for the whole weekend for just over double that so sometimes worth waiting and feel a lot of people will have done this.
  8. Wouldn't have thought so as they've already got their Heaton Park gig, more likely to be Blossoms
  9. Assuming then this will be announced around the week of the 11th of Feb when the Broco tour finishes. Is there any news on the gigs leading up to this day? With last year being LG and QOTSA
  10. 19liam75

    2019 Headliners

    He definitely would, although he hasn't done a huge tour in the UK there is such a high demand for him, could easily sell 2 nights at the O2, especially off the back of a new album.
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