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  1. 19liam75

    2020 New Music

    for anyone listening to new 1975 today, the first half feels a bit slow but definitely does pick up around half way through and there are some great tracks on there.
  2. Interested to hear some artists you mean here? Surely if they are more mainstream they are going to be bigger than Foals anyway?!?!
  3. Reason its not been cancelled yet is because Liam Gallagher hasn't announced its cancelled.
  4. I remember when you were hanging on to the fact that MCR were going to be headlining this year, that didn't turn out great. Honestly i thought the suggestions for the headliners this year were wild but people still thinking the festival will be on, come on guys. People are dying. All we're missing is Dan Wilcox, winding everyone up telling you whether its on or off
  5. If you are referring to The 1975 gig as well, Jamie Oborne has said there was going to be announcement for the gig Monday then he said Tuesday (this week) but nothing so far, he said it’s to do with promoters, I’d imagine festival republic wanted to get wireless out the way first and then today or tomorrow they’ll start with the announcements on cancelling/rescheduling the other gigs, apparently 1975 gig will not be cancelled but rescheduled
  6. Rage Against the Machine (40)The 1975 (15) +5Foo Fighters (30) -5 Muse (20) - 5 Foals (45) Biffy Clyro (35)Arctic Monkeys (15) -5Queens of the Stone Age (35) -5The Cure (30) -5Arcade Fire (40)
  7. Rage Against the Machine (15) -5The 1975 (30) +5Foo Fighters (35) Muse (35) Foals (45)Biffy Clyro (25) Arctic Monkeys (30) -5Queens of the Stone Age (45)The Cure (25) -5The Strokes (30) Arcade Fire (35)
  8. Rage Against The Machine (35) The 1975 (20) +5Foo Fighters (30) Muse (20) -5Foals (45)Biffy Clyro (35) +5Arctic Monkeys (30) Queens of the Stone Age (40) The Cure (35) My Chemical Romance (10) -5 The Strokes (25)Arcade Fire (55)
  9. Rage Against The Machine (35)Stormzy (25) Post Malone (25) +5 The 1975 (40) +5Foo Fighters (35)Twenty One Pilots (30)Panic! at the Disco (30) Fall Out Boy (10) - 5Kasabian (20) Eminem (20)Muse (25)Disclosure (20)Foals (45) +5Biffy Clyro (30)Red Hot Chilli Peppers (10) The Libertines (10) Metallica (25) Arctic Monkeys (30) +5Paramore (20)Queens of the Stone Age (30) Green Day (30)The Cure (35)My Chemical Romance (25) The Strokes (20)Pulp (25)Arcade Fire (45)
  10. didn't that happen with wireless the other year when DJ Khalid pulled out on the weekend and they came out and said that they knew he wasn't going to be playing in advance, who is wireless run by again....
  11. Give us Neck Deep > Broco > MCR Wont happen, but it looks like
  12. hoping wolf alice are there as i assume they are due to return soon with a new single and album announcement (hopefully) which will lead to them being announce for some festivals, or Jap house but not sure. See you in the latest TPD TV video Tom lol
  13. He was jailed on 8th Jan for 6 months, which means even if he serves his whole sentence (which he probably wont) he will still be out in time for the end of August.
  14. Glad the line up is finally on its way, its been great seeing all the chat in here this year with all types of speculation even though some of it has been ridiculous. However can we just take a moment to discuss the fact someone last night on this thread tried to convince us of a line up by saying his friend was 'getting his end away' with someone from FR that has to be up there with one of the best things ive seen on here.
  15. If it weren't for Dan then this place would still be trying to convince each other as to whether M*R are likely to play or not, the line up clearly ain't coming for a little while still so may as well have a bit of fun with it.
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