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  1. Thanks friends this is all very reassuring! You are always going to assume the worst in these situations!
  2. We all have that one just not her unfortunately. We have the original confirmation email for the deposits and that says we are all on the coach from same location. So hopefully that ties us all together and we can prove she's part of the group.
  3. Hi a friend has just checked to print her coach ticket for tomorrow and has found she never received the coach ticket email. This is with the coach and ticket package. She's emailed seetickets but no responses this late at night and things are understandably a bit stressful. She has the balance confirmation email and in that email it says that she has a coach. We all booked as part of a group and everyone else in the group has their tickets and are on the same coach so we assume she is as well. Coach 3pm tomorrow. Any advice?
  4. Hi I remember last year you could get a reusable steel cup for buying pints that would keep your pints nice and cool and help save paper waste. Are they going to be doing it again this year?
  5. Bannyman

    Four Tet

    So four tet is playing and I am getting unbearably excited about it. But hes playing three times. What are peoples thoughts on which set to see? Pangaea will be great but surely you wouldn't be getting the crazy visuals that were done in the ally pally performances? The wow stage will be a more personal setup? I'm torn! Just look at this stuff!
  6. Hey hoping the link works! Every dance act I could see on the lineup.
  7. Hey guys. I was just wondering if anyone created a spotify playlist for electronica/dance? Looking forward to Avalon emerson, Bruce, Giant Swan and four tet woohoo! Disappointed with the main acts this year but I'm loving the dance music variety. If no-ones made one I'll get cracking on it.
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