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  1. I saw William drinking warm Fosters once. In fact he turned down the real ale, saying he really fancied a nice warm pint of fosters from a can.

  2. Heineken doesn't brew urban-festivalites..... but if it did , it would have to William 'o' Walworth.

  3. William is a top banana. Drown me in London Pride if it's not true!

  4. That's all very sensible, but I have a bit of a problem with ALL the responsibility being put onto the average festie goer -- yes, we should be more vigilant and take care, but in the main WOMAD arena, I only took my eye off my daybag (stacked with lots of other peoples by a large group of us) for 5 minutes maximum, and some lowlife still took it., In my view more emphasis should be placed on getting more security (the numbers were woefully inadequate at WOMAD), and more vigilant security, briefed to be visibly watching out for suspicious wanderers rather than on yer average festie goer skinning up .... instead of the Police/organisers/security merely warning the punters (implicitly blaming them if things get taken??) and sitting back ... I've met few festie goers this naive, I think you're wildly exaggerating that. And I don't really like the sound of festie goers being blamed, either. At WOMAD, word of tents being targetted (mine was entered TWICE, luckily both times with me inside and nothing taken, before my daybag finally copped it on Saturday), got passed around VERY quickly -- but vigilant festie goers on the campsite alone are NOT ENOUGH -- it shouldn't be down to the festie goers alone to protect themselves, there should be more patrols (as you suggest below) and much more rapid responses by the Police and (proper) security to any reports of incidents, such that the area where a gang is spotted is targetted for a security sweep as soon as possible after problems are reported. More and more visible security around would deter in advance some indidents, but only to an extent -- there were Oxfam stewards on scaffolding towers dotted round the WOMAD campsite, but their presence didn't seem to do much to deter gangs of thieves systematically sweeping parts of the site and targetting all tents. In my area, nearly everyone's tent had an attempt made on it. This I agree woth, should be a universal practice at all festivals or at least the larger ones, but would need to happen at night as well to be effective, which might be tough .... <pure speculation mode> : I wonder too on the wisdom of holding two large festivals (WOMAD and 'the' Reading Festival) so near the centre of a town acknowledged by some of its residents to have no shortage of lowlife crims and thieves, and in one area at least, crack addicts. Although talk of people having onsite tickets, no doubt bought at locals' discount prices, may mean that only the more scheming and plan-oriented thieves, rather than chaotic crackheads, get on and do their evil thing ..... Move the WOMAD site at least, I say! But I doubt it will happen.
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