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  1. qualiscouse

    Won VIP Tickets - need a car park ticket

    I had vip last year. It was an additional paper/plastic style wristband. The only thing it got me was access to the vip bar which is behind Tim peaks diner. Was a nice chilled place next to the lake which had proper flushing toilets, some garden furniture to sit on and some inflatable Chesterfield settees in the bar. Didn't use it much as it was a bit of a trek from main stage
  2. qualiscouse

    2017 Any help or advice needed ?

    I've been 3 times and stayed off site all 3 times. Each time I emailed kendal asking for a pass out. Collected them from the box office. Never had to show them once. 2013's pass out looked like somebody had knocked it up on a home pc. 2014 was a proper ticket thingy with a hologram on. 2016 was the same as 2104, literally, they were still using up their supply of pass outs from 2104!