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  1. I have been a volunteer for FMS for 10 years on the ambulance team, and I'm asking for your help please. My 2 best friends are 50 next year and are desperate to celebrate in the best place on Earth. Please ,if you have space, could you add them you ticket list. We would be so grateful xx Michele Farrell- 1772621398 TQ46HA Sharon Pierce- 2112685378 TQ32AD Thank you xx
  2. George Benson Chaka Khan Iggy Pop London Grammer Duran Duran Orbital Joan Armtrading Pendulum Dionne Warwick The Showhawk Duo
  3. No problem. I have 8 friends who are trying for them as well, who are not even going! so it would be a group of 10 trying.
  4. No just 2 tickets needed as I'm already there volunteering and my wife has my guest ticket. Thank you.
  5. Watching the football over Slash and Ray Davies
  6. Yes please I need 2 tickets for my best friends for their 50th birthdays next year. i have volunteered at the festival for the last 9 years for FMS. Would be very grateful thank you
  7. Kings where very good last night but Pendulum where excellent.
  8. Morning everyone. It's my first time coming to WOMAD this year, volunteering with FMS. Whats it like please? Really looking forward to hearing and seeing so many different acts from around the World. West Holts is my favourite stage at Glastonbury. Thank you.
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