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  1. Assuming its on their setlist !
  2. After Glastonbury, a 10 day holiday followed by the last 3 days carrying on the ale and scran this evening I signed up to a metric marathon (26km) on 2nd October. Start tomorrow then after this last beer, pack of crisps and Colin The Caterpillar in a jar. Going out with a bang.
  3. Walking Boots 100 Fresh and black tents 90 Power Banks 69 Camp Showers 30Lenor Bottles 65 +10 = 75 Airbeds 59 She Wee 45 Hats/Hats 85Pillows 69
  4. faymondo


    A baby hat ??
  5. Never heard any random shouts of "Alan" this year
  6. Oh yes. One of my fave bands. Chose The Chemicals over them in 2011. Off to Edinburgh Castle to see them on Saturday.
  7. Not sure they would be classed as "pop" but I would love to see The Christians perform in the acoustic tent.
  8. Returning U2 (Really struggled with this one) New Chic Never Daft Punk
  9. A few from my proper camera
  10. I love Chic and their West Holts set blew me away. I would be underwhelmed though if it was them. Still be there mind you.
  11. Latest blog with pictures I took on my "good" camera at this years festival https://wp.me/pzmxh-2Aa
  12. Must admit when I seen no Chris I thought he must have Covid and they are ploughing on with Neil. Then I could see him playing though the malfunctioning screen and thought it must be a big reveal. Then I thought well this is weird and then he eventually appeared. Sad I never got to see him with an accompanying mask that Neil had on at the start which they use on their current tour promo stuff.
  13. Everyone I know who encounters Confidence Man for the first time comes away a fan.
  14. A resort away from the madness and go to the nicer parts of the island (It's beautiful) and take in a Cafe Del Mar sunset and maybe one night at a club. But yeah I will be swerving the boozed up Brits abroad !!
  15. Ibiza with the missus and avoid all knowledge of the festival.
  16. Always going to get bog standard replies. We can only hope that they are taking in all feedback and nosing in on places like here to look for improvements for next year. I only expect things to be done quietly in the background and then its see how it goes next year. If the same happens next year or god forbid worse if it was a muddy one then we do have problems.
  17. Now a 70's children's TV entertainer makes you run the other way !
  18. A combination of accent thing and we love a good party. We talk about this and all "southern" accents tend to blend into one for us. South West you can tell a bit more. The difference in accent between us and Manchester 30 miles away is stark. Oh and we can be loud on occasions (See above about partying) Our group split up into singles is in a partnership going to other houses Eg in-laws. Also put bounties out to our mates to try EG case of ale if you get them. More people trying the minuscule increase in odds. Oh and 4 of us volunteer for the coach to lower the main sale stress.
  19. Spot on. We went with a gang of 7 including my wife and I went to Avalanches, Luke Una and Nightmares on Wax on my own.
  20. Got around to my review of 2022. https://wp.me/pzmxh-2zE
  21. One out of our seven has tested positive. His first time. Here we go 😩
  22. A group of mates are now 3/6. We did meet them for a bit a couple of times. Me and the missus just tested (She was coughing I have a slight sore throat) and negative so 0/7 from our gang.
  23. Still got my Worthy Pastures sticker on from last year. I trim my wristband back and I cut my wristband off when I get a ticket for the next one. Been going since 2010 and it hasn't failed. Yeah I know the filth aspect involved but its lucky.
  24. I thought others also knew it would be a DJ set, as we did? Ahh well win some you lose some. Stayed for the whole thing and had a few "moments" With hindsight would have went to Noel and got a better speck for Macca.
  25. Avalanches for me. I am sure when I seen them last time at West Holts there was more going out and not just two fellas doing a DJ set ?? Shame Nightmares On Wax were late (Would love to know why as they seemed ready at 2pm) loved the set they done though and was on the front barrier.
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