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  1. do you reckon she would be best using my address then ?
  2. Hi all, been to glasto many times and have really enjoyed this years. Sitting at home typing this just makes me want to be in that field once more. Anyway, a family member is interested in coming with us next year. She is from USA and was wondering how the international ticket process works ? if she registers and we purchase for her, will her ticket go to the lead booker in UK or will it be sent to her USA address ? am asking as she is likely to come to UK at the start of June. Or should i get her to register with my address ?. Many Thanks.
  3. had some really nice meals over the festival, although can't remember half the food outlet names.. VFC was pretty good near the Bread & Roses, even for a meat eater the burger tasted great. Rotisserie half chicken with potatoes, gravy and stuffing near williams green was great. Also the wood fired pizza place at williams green was also very nice. Had some pretty nice noodles from the other stage, it was to the left handside of the 5 somosas place.
  4. Well after our new tents arrived MH100xl, we gave them a trial run this morning and noticed a small pin prick hole and defect in one of them on the inner tent groundsheet. Decathlon have been great,been speaking with them via their chat tool. I have posted the tent back today to them via Asda and sent them proof of postage, they have already issued a replacement tent that will arrive Monday. Really can't fault that for customer service.
  5. Well gone and ordered 2 x F&B MH100XL's, couldn't bring myself to buy the pop up and this looks like it could be easy to carry.
  6. So managed to narrow it down to 2 choices. 3 person poled MH100XL @ £89.99 Or the 2 second popup 3 person XL @ £139 Like the design of the pop up. Not sure can justify the extra cost for a pop up design
  7. So for the 1st time me and the misses need 2x new tents as she is volunteering this year. I wasn't going to go to glasto but got a resale ticket. Our current tent is too big for one of us to manage by ourself. These Quechua tents seem to get some very good reviews. Now its just trying to decide which one and what size.
  8. how about allowing the successful ticket holders to have their ticket carried over till 2021 if they choose too, then the ones that do block them for the following year. Which ever way this is done, there are going be unhappy people unfortunately.
  9. whilst the campsites were better, there was still too many areas were people couldn't be bothered to tidy their area. wonder if it would be possible to allow people/groups to be fined for having an untidy area ? (am not talking about the people whop have a few can's but always tidy the area in the morning) but the people who are happy to not chuck one can in the bin/recycle. should be litter patrol who issue a clean up or get fined notice.
  10. idea on mixers would be ideal..
  11. has there been any list released regarding what they will be stocking ?
  12. cheers, all sorted thanks to this ?
  13. Can you pay for car parking in the day of arrival, changed our travel plans slightly and need another car park pass.
  14. Hi, am taking my nephew who will be 12 years old. It'll be his first Glastonbury trip and thought I'd take him to experience the festival since it's his last chance before he becomes a paying attendee in future years. Is it wise to take ID to prove he is 12 years old? Cant seem to find any information and the only possible ID I can thing about taking is his passport. Only problem with this is that he goes abroad shortly after returning from Glastonbury so if I lost his passport his holiday could be in doubt.
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